Signs from 2pm

June 23, 2009

It was recently revealed that 2pm will held a series of fan signing starting from the 21st of June. First stop Hot Rax music store in Kyono bookstore in Kangnam. Here’s some shots of Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Jaebeom, Taecyeon, and Junsu.

Junho and Chansung were not in the event. They must still be in Japan at the time filming for a show. Forgot the name.

By the way, here’s 2pm schedule for the week:

June 23, Tuesday

[Radio] SBS Radio Ten Ten Club 10:00 pm-Junho Chansung…no tenten schedule for changmin in 2am’s schedule but tenten’s official site said changmin will be there..hmmm …

[Radio] MBC Simsimtapa Radio 00:00-02:00 pm- Jaebeom Taecyeon Junho Chansung

[Recording] Mnet/Km Pop Magazine – Taecyeon

June 24, Wednesday

[Broadcast] M.net Wide Entertainment News 05:00 pm

[Broadcast] M.net Scandal 11:00 pm – Taecyeon

[Radio] SBS Power Fm Cul Two Show Escape at 2 pm Public Broadcast 02:00-04:00 pm

[Recording] SBS Inkigayo Energy Song

[Recording] MBC every1 Muhan Girls – Except Khun (told ya! yes! I love those women!)

June 25, Thursday

[Broadcast] Mnet Mcountdown 07:00 pm

[Radio] SBS Power FM Old School Pubilc Broadcast 04:00-06:00 pm – Except Khun

[Radio] MBC PKL Starry Night Radio 10.05-12.00 pm – Chansung

June 26, Friday

[Broadcast] Mnet Asia Super Girls 06:00 pm – Chansung Junho

[Broadcast] KBS2 Music Bank 06:30 pm

[Broadcast] KM Pop Magazine 08:00 pm – Taecyeon

[Recording] SBS Sixteh Sense – Khun

[Event] BMW Mini

June 27, Saturday

[Broadcast] MBC Music Core 04:20 pm

[Broadcast] MBC Introducing Stars’ Friends 05:15 pm- Jaebeom Chansung Khun

[Broadcast] SBS Star King 06:30 pm

[Radio] SBS Song Eunne Shin Bong Seon Radio 07:00 pm – Except Khun

[Broadcast] SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate 12:20 am (24:20 )

Fansign at Ilsan

June 28, Sunday

[Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo 4:10 pm

Fansign 07:00 pm

Source: Popseoul

Source: muizism.wordpress.com

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  1. YES! THEY’LL BE ON INFINITY GIRLS! ;D Can’t wait for the boys to meet Hwang Bo again. BUT WHY WON’T KHUN BE THERE?? T_T I want him to meet Hwang Bo again. Btw, do you know when the ep of 2PM on Muhan Girls will be released?

    • I’m sorry I don’t know. Maybe next week or the week after. Their Kim Jung Eun’s chocolate appearance was recorded a few weeks ago but the said episode just appeared recently.

      • Ok, anyway, I know now. It’ll be broadcasted on the 3rd July fyi. Thanks anyway 🙂

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