Farewell Yejin and Chunhee

June 23, 2009

It’s weird to start a blog with a goodbye. I was really touched with the episode. There were no subbed episode out yet but I interpreted the episode with their actions.

I was first introduce to Family Outing a few weeks ago. The guests were Yunho and Junsu of DBSK. I found the show quite entertaining. The games are what I was looking forward to. These people are so competitive. You’ll have a blast watching them. I tried to watch as musch episode as I can. But a lot of episodes weren’t sub or the subbed episode has been removed. Too bad actually. Korean stations should actually be thankful. These are free added publicity to their show. Not everyone can speak Korean but a lot can understand English.

I come to like Daesung, Hyori, Yejin and especially Chunhee. Chunhee’s a model apparently. He reminds me of 2pm. Like 2pm, chunhee defies the norm. A model who’s not afraid to look stupid in TV. People should be like that. It would be less pressure.

When I heard that Yejin and Chunhee was leaving, I was surprised. The show is doing great, why leave? But thinking about it, it was for the best. They’re not comedians. They’re actors. Yejin apparently has been getting so much love.

I will really miss Park Yejin and Lee Chunhee.



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  1. wow you;re pretty…..I LOVE YOU PARK YE JIN

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