Hottest Group Today

June 23, 2009

Lately, everywhere I look, 2pm is there. Undeniably, they’re the fastest rising pop star of Korea today. I think their success is highly due to their uniqueness. They don’t follow the norm of idol groups. I know everyone will agree with me when I say that they’re the manliest pop group out there. Well, at least of these couple of years. I don’t know what kpop was like before. What appeals to me is that they don’t sell the male to male affection that other groups do. Maybe in Korea it’s normal but when you go outside of Korea, it’s weird.

2pm debut around fall of last year with the song 10점 만점에 10점. I do watch Music Bank but I can’t remember them performing the track. Actually, I don’t remember them at all with this song. But they have perform in the show apparently as evidence are the numerous uploads in youtube. The farthest I can recall of them was when they’re promoting their second single already, “Only You”. I don’t think I liked them at the time. I thought it was just an okay song.

I came to like them not as singers but as entertainers. I was very entertained by their season of Idol Army. I stumbled on their show by accident actually. A lot of blogs were reporting the Idol Army episode with SHINee. I found myself laughing at the MinhoNichkhun moments. The show was hilarious. I watched the other episodes and found myself very much entertained. I think I became a fan of them because of the show. I started watching their past performances and slowly appreciating their songs. I downloaded their “Hottest Time of the Day” album and I really loved it. My favorite track was “Angel”. Too bad it wasn’t release as a single.

I found out that they’re opening for the Wonder Girls series of concerts. At the time, they’re not that good but I surprisingly found myself cheering them on. I really hoped that they’ll do good.

News spread that they’d be releasing a mini album by April. I don’t think I was that excited at the time but when the teasers were release, I felt that this album will be good. The teasers really teased. It seemed like the west is coming to the east. The beat used in the teasers remind me of American hip hop.

“Again and Again” was the cover single of the album. The track is amazing. It was one of those songs that can give you the last song syndrome. With the release of their album, they also started to go to variety shows. I really love watching 2pm on variety. They add flavor to the already flavored show. They remind me of Super Junior when it comes to entertainment value. Super Junior also release an album at the time, making them rivals at the chart. 2pm however got the most of the rivalry. They became very popular. I think most of Asia knows who they are already. A feat considering they debut barely a year.

At the moment, they’re promoting their second single in their “Time for Change” album, 니가 밉다, and what a song it is. This is my favorite song of theirs yet. I hope that they’ll do good with this track. It’s not as catchy as the first but the performance is much powerful and showed the manly side of 2pm that other boy groups lack. They haven’t won anything with this song but they will soon. I think they will.

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