Reality hits the Wonder Girls

June 23, 2009

As earlier reported in various news site, the Wonder Girls will be opening for the Jonas Brothers’ concert. It seems that these brothers with Miley Cyrus are ruling the teen population of American music. I’m not really a fan of Miley and the Jonas’ so I have no idea how good they are or if they’re good at all. But with all the hype on the Jonas Brothers concert, no one can doubt their popularity.

JYP recently posted this, “Comin back from da Dallas rehearsal. Me & da Girls finally realized how big this opportunity really is. We’ll do our best to maximize this opportunity for us & for u guys. This is truly an amazing stage. Hey Portland! I need your luv this Saturday!”

This saturday is really judgement time for the Wonder Girls. If the audience won’t love them, it is highly posible that their venture to America will be in vain. In America, only teens will appreciate their songs. Adults go for Beyonce and idol artists. Hope they’d do good. This is a fan speaking. I would be excitedly waiting for fancams this weekend.

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