Tears for Family Outing

June 23, 2009

I still can’t believe that Chunhee and Yejin are leaving. It’s hard to imagine Family Outing without them. All eight family members gives something unique to the show. It would be hard to replace the void. Park Hae Jin seems decent enough but the girl, I really don’t know. The new members definitely won’t be the new clumsy Chunhee and the new savage but sweet Yejin.

For the past few days I’ve been watching old episodes of the show. I feel some sadness while watching though. No more Chunderella and savage girl. Hard to believe. I would be craving for them.

This reminds me of “We Got Married” actually. The show went downhill when one of the main couples left. Though the remaining couples were still there, the void was never gone. People kept hoping that whatever Andy-Solbi gave the audience, the new couples would also be able to give. Which is not the case. They can never be replace. The same goes with Family Outing. Yejin and Chunhee gave something that nobody else can give. Their memories will forever be buried beneath the hearts of fans.

It would be a new Family Outing comes July. And honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be anticipating it. Chunhee and Yejin are not the show but their presence form this illusion that we all have loved. Here’s the preview for next week’s episode and some CF they did together. I wish Chunhee and Yejin all the love in the new phase of their careers. I’ll be cheering them on.

Please enjoy these videos.




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