Music Bank Madness

June 26, 2009

It’s that time of the year again for Music Bank. The show’s half-year presentation. A lot of performances and happenings occur on the show but I’ll just go over my favorites and the important ones.

There’s good news and there’s bad news. Let’s go with the bad news first. SHINee’s leader Onew fainted as reported by various blog sites. Before this, the poor boy was apparently limping after SNSD’s awards. Fate must not really like him. Onew is already doing well according to SM representatives. Earlier in the day, allkpop release an article on how Onew has always get himself into undesired situation. SHINee fans should give the boy rabbit’s foot and 4-leaf clovers.

Aside for Onew’s incident, there were lots of performances and of course, the much awaited comeback of SNSD. My favorite of the night is the guys version of ‘Gee’. Amazingly, it was good. I just wished that SNSD let the guys finish the song.

SNSD’s comeback was just ok. I’m sorry, I really can’t appreciate them as much as others do. The song is nice though and Yuri stands out with her black hair. Maybe in time I’ll get to love this song but right now, its just okay for me. Maybe because of it’s gender bias dance steps. Anyway, maybe in time.

If your following my post you’ll know I’m a fan of 2pm. I just really love the manliness they brought to kpop. I’m sick and tired of guys showing too much affection to other guys. Affection that can only be seen to couples. Well, at least outside of Korea. Didn’t like the Friday Night song though. It seems bland for some reason.

I read somewhere that they’ll be heading to Thailand soon. I have no idea how long they’ll be there. I hope not that long. I will miss their live performances. That’s actually what I like about Kpop. There are lots of live performances. You can really see if these entertainers got talent or not.



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