Wonder Girls says ‘Nobody’ in english

June 26, 2009

Wonder Girls has recently release the english version of their hit ‘Nobody’. Their english is quite surprising though. They learned the language just a few months ago and they were able to minimize their accents much in the song. I know how hard it is for Koreans to let go of their accents when conversing in English. A paradigm for that is our very own Rain. Saw him in some CF which required him to speak in English. You’ll really sense that he’s not comfortable in the language.

Going back to the Wonder Girls, I like Sunmi most in the track. She sounded the best. Well, it’s just my opinion. Anyway, tonight will be the long awaited American debut of the Wonder Girls. As reported earlier, they will be opening for the Jonas Brothers. I saw some blog entry about the girls. Seems like they have Caucasian fans. I’m really curious how the concert will be, how fans would react, and how the song would feel in the stage. Can’t wait for fancams tomorrow.




  1. I don’t like the English version. JYP should have change the lyrics around a little to make a completed verse. I don’t like the word use as in “another” or “other” it doesn’t really go with the melody or however you would call it. Umm, I liked their original version better which I would consider the Korean version. Thank you.

    • Really, I kinda like it.

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