Spreading the wonder

June 27, 2009

The Wonder Girls will be making their debut in America in a few hours. But even before their debut, they keep getting featured on popular online news. Recently, Seattle Times posted an article about the girls on their website. The article was more of an introduction. Nothing new or interesting that we didn’t know before. But being featured in an article of theirs is more than enough. This is great for the Wonder Girls since the said website is not a kpop site and they would be able to reach a wider audience.

Another popular online media, perezhilton, has also help spread the wonder of the wonder girls. The most famous kpop fanboy posted the english version of ‘Nobody’ on his site. Perezhilton is widely known in America and thousands of people visits his site on a daily basis.

Here are the links by the way:

perezhilton.com – http://perezhilton.com/2009-06-26-its-here-3
The Seattle Times – http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/musicnightlife/2009385102_wondergirls26.html

Some has speculated that these online news sites are getting paid by JYP to publicize the Wonder Girls but these are all mere assumptions. Nothing concrete to prove the statement.

Pic: kojaproductions.files.wordpress.com


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