The Chart of Music Bank (2009 Half-year Ranking)

June 27, 2009

Nobody seems to have posted the whole chart so I decided I should. As we all know, SNSD won the half-year ranking. Kinda expected since they won nine times.

I was kinda surprise with some artists in the ranking actually. Honestly, I don’t know who Lim Chang Jung, Lee Seung Chul, and Bobby Kim are. But they seem to be famous since their songs manage to topple some of the more well known artists. Well, to me they’re unknown. Super Junior and Davichi have two songs in the chart. I’m not really familiar with Davichi’s ‘I Made an Accident’. I must have been so busy in school when they released this song.

Not all in the chart won however. I’ll try to look up the songs that have been number one. I remember ‘Gee’, ‘Sorry, Sorry’, ‘It’s You’, ‘Again and Again’, and ‘On a Saturday Night’ winning at least once in the show. I thought SHINee and 2am would be in the list. I must have thought wrong.

The biggest surprise for me is that the Wonder Girls are still in the chart. ‘Nobody’ must be really popular in Korea. The song was release September of last year. That was nine months ago and still ‘Nobody’ gain votes. Hope they’ll do well in America as much as in Korea.

Music Bank Half-Year Ranking
01. Girls’ Generation – Gee
02. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
03. SS501 – Because I’m Stupid
04. Davichi – 8282
05. Son Dam Bi – On a Saturday Night
06. Bobby Kim – Love..That Guy
07. 2pm – Again and Again
08. Seung-ri – Strong Baby
09. Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit by a Bullet
10. Kara – Honey
11. Lim Chang Jung – Long Time No See
12. Super Junior – It’s You
13. SG Wannabe – I Love You
14. 8eight – Don’t Have a Heart
15. Hwayobi – Half
16. Wheesung – Insomnia
17. Lee Seung Chul – No One Else
18. K.Will – Dropping the Tears
19. Davichi – I Made an Accident
20. Wonder Girls – Nobody

Credits: http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/enter/musicbank/chart/index.html
Credits: tvideo.cdn2.cafe24.com


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