The ‘I Hate You’ Video

June 28, 2009

JYP Entertainment has just released the music video for 2pm’s latest single, ‘I Hate You’. It was surprisingly quite disappointing. It’s not that it’s no good but I thought they would be making an actual video for the song. The MV was somehow like a documentary. It has clips from the days they were still promoting ’10점 만점에 10점’ up to recent performances.

This actually reminds me of their first album. There was an MV for ’10점 만점에 10점’ but their next song, ‘Only You’, showed a documentary-like video. Too bad though. ‘I Hate You’ is really a nice song. They should promote it as much as they did with ‘Again and Again’. I was really waiting for what story the MV would have. It makes me think that maybe JYP will halt their promotion of their album in Korea soon.

Here’s their MV for 10점 만점에 10점 and Only You:

2pm will also be releasing an album in Thailand soon. From what I heard, it’s a combination of their mini-albums plus the music video of their songs. 2pm has been really popular in Thailand lately and it’s highly due to their resident Thai member. It feels nice to have your country backing you up.




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