Wonder Girls finally debut in America

June 28, 2009

Fancams of the Jonas Brothers concert has surfaced. Most asian fans are waiting for the feedback for the Wonder Girls. The girls performed their hits ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’. I watched some fancams and I’m really scared for them. As you all know, the american music industry can be very very harsh. Americans can sometimes be racist.

I’m a fan but I’m not delusional. It was not them. Their charms did not reflect in their performance. Or maybe it’s the quality of the vidao. In a critic point of view, that wasn’t what I expected. I’m gonna give them some slack since it is their first performance. But I do hope things will be better. I’ll replace the fancams when I find something better.

JYP however is pleased with the performance and I quote, ‘They made Portland dance to Nobody! They killed it. C da picture after da show. I’m so proud of them!!’ I wanna feel what JYP feels. I hope quality fancams would emerge soon. Really soon.

According to allkpop.com, their next performance will be tomorrow at Tacoma Dome Tacoma, WA. These girls are making me nervous. Hope they’ll do good.




  1. They should have performed So Hot. I think the audience would have loved it. Americans are into sexy than cute.

  2. Nice site. Very professional looking. Thanks!

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