2pm in ‘Chocolate’

June 29, 2009

Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate episode with 2pm aired this weekend. I’m really a fan of these guys. They’re as real as it gets. They’re not afraid to look dorky or idiotic. Anyway, during the interview they were ask to think of a 10 syllable phrase that describe themselves.

Nichkhun -> I am Nichkhun the wink vending machine.

Taecyeon -> The beastly husband, Ok Taecyeon.

Junho -> I am charming smile Junho.

Jaebeom -> Singing rapper and B-Boy.

Wooyoung -> Fat cheeked Wooyoung. Hehe.

Junsu -> Shall I seduce you with my song

Chansung -> Eatinator, Youngest on top, Chan.

I find it funny that Korea is still not over Khun’s wink. If he didn’t have talent he’ll forever be branded as ‘the wink guy’. I wonder how Wooyoung fans took it when the cheeks they all fell in love with disappeared. For a moment then, he was the Sohee of 2pm. He looks healthier now though.

Chansung is really a pig but his love for food will forever be in the hearts of many. I saw a video of him in High Kick lately. I thought he would be a little in the heavy side when his younger but surprisingly he wasn’t. I think he gained wait when he became part of JYP. Here’s some pic for comparison.

By the way, here’s the schedule of 2pm in the coming days: July 2-7 In Thailand.

June 29

[Radio+Recording] KBS Maybee’s Volume up Radio 08:00 pm – Junsu Jaebeom

[Broadcast] SBS Yashimmanman 11:00 pm – Khun

[Recording] SBS Star King – Khun excluded

June 30

[Radio] SBS-Radio Choi Hwa Jung Power Time 12:00 pm – Khun excluded

[Radio] SBS-Radio Ten Ten Club 10:00 pm – Jun Brothers

[Recording] MBC-Radio This/Today/Good morning I’m Lee Moon Se – Khun excluded

[Event] Fansign at Inter park

July 1

[Recording] KBS Maybee’s Volume up Radio – Jaebeom

July 2

[Broadcast] Mnet Ice Pricess at mignight

July 3

[Broadcast] Mnet Asia Super Girls 06:00 pm – Chansung Junho

[Broadcast] KM Pop Magazine 08:00 pm – Taecyeon

July 4

[Broadcast] MBC Music Core 04:20 pm – recorded on June 27

[Broadcast] MBC Introducing Stars’ Friends 05:15 pm- Chansung Khun

[Broadcast] KBS2 Star Golden Bell 05:15 pm – Jaeboem Junsu Taecyeon Wooyoung

[Broadcast] KBS2 Invincible Saturday – I’ve an uncle 06:30 pm

[Broadcast] SBS Star King 06:30 pm

July 5

[Tentative] SBS Sixth Sense 10.45 am – Khun

[Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo 04:10 pm – recorded on June 28

[Broadcast] MBC Sunday Sunday Night (Health and Living Variety Segment) 05:20- Khun




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