Life without the clumsiness and savagery

June 30, 2009

Family Outing has really got to me bad. I’m so in love with the show. I love the family, their bonding, their closeness. It’s really ashame that it has to end. The show will continue without Park Yejin and Lee Chunhee, but the illusion of the family that I have loved is over. What can we do? Nothing is forever.

I already said what I want to say in my previous posts. This article is just to share the english sub of episode 52 (the farewell episode). It’s really sad. Goodbyes are never easy. Here’s the first part of the episode. Just browse the author’s channel for the other parts.

By next week, the replacement of Yejin and Chunhee will join the family. I’m really wondering how the two will fit in the family or if they’ll fit at all. Also, will the fans accept them? I remember the time when Won Bin left FT Island. His replacement receive lots of hate from die hard fans of the original FT Island. The same thing might happen with Family Outing. The show have generate a lot of followings. I hope things would be better than I expect. I will really miss them.

For the last time, Park Yejin and Lee Chunhee.



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