Wonderbang does it again

July 1, 2009

As you all know, both the Wonder Girls and Big Bang are expanding overseas, the Wonder Girls in the US while Big Bang in Japan, after having a hell of a year. 2008 has really brought both groups closer to non-Korean fans and thus solidifying their popularity in Asia. I’m such a fan of both and I’m genuinely very happy and excited for them for their recent success.

Big Bang has just released their first single in Japan, ‘My heaven’ and it debut surprisingly high in the Oricon chart. Actually, I’m not feeling the song that much, maybe in time, but I’m still proud of them. Finishing 3rd is no joke. Especially in Japan. I hope their success will continue. Here’s the complete list.

01. Yusuke – Tanpopo / Kaizokusen / Sonote (176,185)
02. AKB48 – Namida Surprise (104,180)
03. BIG BANG – MY HEAVEN (26,039)
04. Teppei Koike – Kimi Dake (17,029)
05. GACKT – LOST ANGELS (14,548)
06. Kiyoharu – DARLENE (12,084)
07. Base Ball Bear – BREEEEZE GIRL (10,018)
08. Versailles – ASCENDEAD MASTER (9,596)
09. Arashi – Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon: Kimi wa Muteki (9,134)
10. Ai Ueto – Smile for… (8,854)
11. Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven / Satoda Mai with Goda Kazoku – I Believe – Yume wo Kanaeru Maho no Kotoba – / Don’t leave me (8,686)
12. V6 – Spirit (8,128)
13. JASMINE – SAD TO SAY (7,837)
14. Shiina Ringo – Ariamaru Tomi (7,538)
15. Youko Hisaka – K-ON! Character Single (Heart Goes Boom!!) (7,488)
16. Toyosaki Aki – K-ON! Character Single (Guitar ni Kubittaki) (7,225)
17. RAG FAIR – Marry Me!! (7,141)
18. YUI – again (6,358)
19. Kiyoshiro Imawano – Oh! RADIO (6,050)
20. Kenichi Suzumura – Mitochondria (6,031)
21. SCANDAL – Shoujo S (6,022)
22. GReeeeN – Haruka (5,409)
23. DRAGON SOUL – Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (4,540)
24. MINMI – Ave Maria (3,958)
25. GIRL NEXT DOOR – Infinity (3,910)
26. kotoko – Ao – iconoclast (3,786)
27. Sakurako Keionbu – Don’t say “lazy” (3,642)
28. JUJU – Ashita Ga Kurunara feat. JAY’ED (3,357)
29. mihimaru GT – Switch (3,334)
30. Sakurako Keionbu- Cagayake! Girls (3,242)

Daesung is noticeably missing in this June 28 performance. I heard that he was filming Family Outing at the time of the recording of this episode. I’m not really sure. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The other end of Wonderbang, the Wonder Girls, are also doing quite well. I’m really amaze that America and Canada really opened up to them. The reception was surprisingly warm. Ever since their debut, I’ve been waiting for fancams. I’m not after their performance but for the audience’s reactions. And with what I have seen so far, I think the Wonder Girls are being loved.

Another good news for Wonderfuls is that the Jonas Brothers management has formally asked JYP entertainment to have the Wonder Girls open the concert for the whole US tour. This is really a great opportunity for the Wonder Girls. One great exposure.

Here’s a recent fancam of their performance.





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  1. that means, the girls are coming to my city. OMG! i’m crying now.

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