Hyuna is a Wonder Girl again

July 2, 2009

As you must have heard, Kim Hyuna of 4minute was a former member of Wonder Girls. She debut with the group at around February of 2007. She’s the same age of Sohee and Sunmi. She standout the most for me because of her skimpy shorts and tight shirt when the group was promoting their debut single, ‘Irony’.

Wonder Girls were about to release their 2nd single when her parents decided to take her out of the group due to medical reasons. Kim Yoobin came to replace her and the rest is history for the Wonder Girls. I can imagine how hurtful it must have been for Hyuna. To work so hard then to have fate take you away. I think she had a feeling of regret and disappointment. Wonder Girls is no doubt the most popular Asian girl group today. That popularity could have had Hyuna with it.

Before Hyuna left the group, according to sources she was already in the ‘Tell Me’ video. She was even the Wonder Girl in the MV but with her departure, Sohee took over the responsibilities.

After all these years, fate has brought Hyuna to ‘Tell Me’ again. She never performed the song on stage with the Wonder Girls so this will be a fulfillment for her. She did work hard for the song before she was pulled out. Anyway, their performance was quite lacking. Wonder Girls are known for their synchronization. I expected them to perform better since they’re already lipsynching. But it wasn’t that bad. I’m happy that Hyuna got to perform the song with her new group. I think she’s contented.



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