Is Kim Kibum leaving Super Junior?

July 2, 2009

Kim Kibum gave out a message in the July 2009 issue of Wawa Girl magazine. I think this is legit since the translation came from a Super Junior fan. Reading between the lines, I think his departure to the group is looming. It’s not really surprising. Here’s the translated message.

“Everyone has missed me right?
Truthfully, looking at myself in the CF,
I still feel awkward.
It’s the first time I tied up my hair, wore a sleeveless white Tee
and a blue jacket, and matched it with printed pants
Through the CF this time, I showed a different side of me, and I
feel very happy (doing that).
Naturally playing around with the mobile phone in the CF and
saying those stuff were arranged before that
But why don’t everyone think of it as my everyday writing and
taking photos?
Usually it’s 13 of us moving together, this time appearing alone in
front of the camera, I felt refreshed yet nervous.
I know, everytime I am unable to have activities with
Super Junior, many people will wonder why.
Kim Kibum has always been living healthily.
This time, (I) even took part in Super Junior’s
3rd album recording and MV filming.
Truthfully, I wish even more to show the actor
side of me to everyone, so I’m cutting down
activities as a singer.
But looking at our members standing on stage,
I’m missing (everything) dearly.
In March, didn’t Super Junior gloriously
win 1st on Music Bank’s monthly charts?
That day, Leeteuk hyung shed tears saying,
‘To Kibum who’s in front of the tv now,
your hyungs did it’, after listening, I felt like crying
I know, at that time, I should have been standing there.
Soon, I will Be with the other 12 members coming back with as new
look, everyone please anticipate.”

Check out line 19 to 21 of his message. From the very beginning, his MIA was planned. The guy definitely wants to be known more for his acting than his singing. We shouldn’t be surprise if anytime now SM Entertainment will announce that he is leaving Super Junior. Everyone must have had this thought hovering over their heads for a time now. He didn’t perform even once with the group in their latest album. I heard he’s not also participating in the Asian Tour.

Kim Kibum’s intentions are quite obvious. He gives silly excuses for his responsibilities. Heechul’s injured but he participated in the promotions. I wonder if he’s getting paid as much as the other members. Here’s some shots in the ‘Sorry, Sorry’ video and the album cover of the repackaged ‘It’s You’ album. He’s there but that’s it. He’s just eyecandy.

I think it’s safe to say that Super Junior is now down to twelve.



  1. True. I hope they let Henry & Zhou Mi join in instead, since they have talent and totally deserve to be in the whole group, unlike Kibum, who’s never there and isn’t even interested in singing or doing activities with Super Junior.

    • that is so not true if u say that then u dont like super junior any more

    • Even Henry and zhou mi Join the group the Group will Not be as good as the 13 members …

    • kibum is the only one in super junior.. No one can replace it.. I do not agree if you withdraw from super junior.. i really miss you performing with members of super junior.. but think deeply before making a decision.. please.. Do not disappoint the fans..

    • i agree with you that mimi and henry should join the main group but let’s not hate on original members ok? your only making other fans mad at you 😦

  2. If Kibum does leave, I don’t think it’s wise to replace him. Remember FT Island? So much hate was given to Won Bin’s replacement. And that’s just FT Island fans. ELFs can be too passionate and narrow-minded. They’re not gonna allow.

    • yeah your right… and I don’t want kibum to be replaced even though i like henry for his violin skills but that just it i don’t want him in suju…

  3. Please don’t start spreading rumors that he’s leaving and it’s obvious from that article, we don’t know anything and until he’s or SM has said something. stop talking about it

    • I don’t know why you have to be oh so defensive. It’s not like shockedfan said that Kibum announced his departure.

  4. I apologize if you got offended with this article. I only expressed my views and my opinion regarding the message on the July Issue of Wawa Girl magazine. It’s on the person if they believe it or not.

  5. I never said I was offended I was only upset that people are still talking about him leaving when we don’t even know anything, even though it’s your own opinion people tend to believe others and quickly agree I just want people to stop talking about it until an official announcement comes out (which I hope it will never come)

  6. *sigh* mybe ur right..he’s not intrested in suju anymore…b4 this i dont want to believe that he will quit from suju..but now, i can accept this fact slowly..mybe if this can make him happy we hve to bless him…shockedfan is right..even i like henry tOo but i dont want him or zhoumi replace kibum..when i know suju they only 13 members..they are so funny, childish, crazy, silly and dorky..that make me love them so much…suju only 13..nobody can replace one of their place…
    suju only 13 even kibum is not in suju anymore

  7. uhhhhhhhh…
    so sad, i won’t watch suju anymore if kibum is gone….

  8. but in the last line didn’t he say that he will be joining the other 12 members soon..maybe he just got out from the group activities for a while to clear his head about the decisions that he wants to make..or to make sure to himself that he really still wants to be a part of suju..and as for the sound of his last lines,it sounds as though he still wants to participate.i believe that he loves the group.

    • I don’t know. Maybe. I just find it hard that he didn’t performed even once in their 3rd album. Anyway, that’s that. Let’s just wait and see.

  9. definitely right about that.let’s wait and hope haha

  10. i hope kibum will stay in suju,NOBODY CAN REPLACE HIS PALCE!!!

  11. ya no one cant replace his place ever

  12. as for me, it’s ok if they would like henry and zhou mi to be part of suju. as long as they will be accepted not as a replacement to the original members (esp. kim kibum). each and everyone in super junior has his own strengths and weaknesses and its not healthy for their relationship as band-mates and friends if those who love and support them are going to go against each other just because of our different point of view. kibum is a great actor and i think he only want that to be known so we should at least be supportive and let’s just anxiously wait for his return….<3xoxo

  13. Poor bummie.. 😀 Leeteuk oppa was touching..
    I’ve notice some Suju fans dont want bummie anymore because of this incident.. I hope you”ll be strong kibum.. SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING!

  14. and i don’t want anyone to replace him.. 😦
    I want to know the truth.. either he want Super Junior or not?
    i feel sad when suju isnt complete..

  15. Why is it that most people only pay attention to the part when Kibum says that he’s been cutting down on his activities as a singer in order to focus more on his acting? He’s just trying to be honest and tell the truth to his fans! That he’s been focusing more on his acting is true. But he also says that he will soon be joining the other 12 members, and asks us to please anticipate this. I think we should believe him and respect his wishes. I realize that my opinion is one in millions of millions, but I just wanted to put my two cents in. 😉 Please don’t give up on him quite yet, and try to support him whether he stays with Super Junior or not. 🙂

  16. I adore Kibum he is wonderful obviously some don’t understand that management has a say to what their singers and actors do.It seems The other members Support Kibum so what is all the fuss, besides he was an actor before joining Super Junior.Yes Kibum can sing but is more comfortable rapping i think. Management makes the decision who sings what not the members.So the fact he didn’t have any rapping parts or singing parts on the third album is not his fault.Please let us support him and the rest of Super Junior and can’t wait till he is back with his “brothers”.Wish you all the Best see you soon Kibum.Best Wishes from New Hampshire USA.

  17. DUHR.
    are you all that stupud?!?!?!?
    “But looking at our members standing on stage,
    I’m missing (everything) dearly.
    In March, didn’t Super Junior gloriously
    win 1st on Music Bank’s monthly charts?
    That day, Leeteuk hyung shed tears saying,
    ‘To Kibum who’s in front of the tv now,
    your hyungs did it’, after listening, I felt like crying
    I know, at that time, I should have been standing there.
    Soon, I will Be with the other 12 members coming back with as new
    look, everyone please anticipate.”
    ughh, read clearer people.
    dont listen to this bs. They are only pointing out the part when he says he would want to show the actor side of him more.
    at the end he said he wanted to come back.
    ❤ angiee, who lovess sungmin

  18. i think he shouldnt quit because he’s been there since the beginning and in the second album when he didnt have any singing parts for like in Marry U he was still there to perform and some people like heechul and hankyung weren’t there when they had parts(im not dissing heechul and hankyung i love them dearly) kibum was the person that made me addicted to super junior…even though he wasnt there for the 3rd album people should still support 13 only…i mean i do get mad and pissed that he is never there but we all shouldn’t believe that he is going to quit even though we dont know yet..i think he is not going to quit EVER

  19. i can’t say anything if u think ki bum will leave super junior but deep in my heart say that he won’t….. i know he want to sing but as hee chul said if everyone sing more than 5 line if can’t be a song it a documentary….don’t blame him just because he want to act futhermore he was debut as an actor before he join super junior …

  20. I know the person who wrote this article was just showing their opinion, so I won’t bash them. Everyone’s titled to their own opinion and I’m sure the person wasn’t trying to be mean but just trying to express their own opinion on the matter. Honestly, I personally think, it should be all left alone. None of us can read into Kibum’s mind can we? So therefore we cannot know what he wants or what he is feeling. We can’t understand what other Super Junior members are feeling. It’s best to just wait and not make up rumors or assume things right? I think, Super Junior without the 13 (and Henry And Zhou Mi) is rather depressing. I love all the members and I respect Kibum’s views and remember Kibum is not Heechul…so you can’t compare the two. I love both of them to death though xD I love every single member of Super Junior to death and we all should just wait and see what happens. I am anticipating their return!

  21. I’m so confused right now, i’m new in SuJu and i just don’t get some things like HAS Hangeng left SuJu? And WILL Kibum leve as well?

  22. son muy lindos me gustan sus canciones y en espescila me gusta mas kim kibum es un amor

  23. i cried while i read this.. i dont wanna him to go.. T.T

  24. it can’t be that Kibum is leaving SJ. If there’s only 12 members, it can’t be sj. no way that’s he’s leaving. He will comeback. He NEED to. If Kibum’s is reading this message, i will like to tell him that..
    ‘no matter you’re coming back or not, i’ll still be waiting to see you with the sj members again. with only 12 sj’s members, the band is not fullfill. because it’s missing YOU. I’ll be looking forward to see you back, standing beside every hyungs…’

    • Hankyung already left. so Super Junior is no longer 13. Technically, there’s only 9 of them.

      Hankyung left
      Kibum is busu on his solo activities
      Kangin has legal issues
      Heechul has his injuries

    • yes.. kibum cannot leave super junior no matter wht..

  25. Kibum isnt leaving!!! he knows many people will be upset if he did! including me!!! i will literally cry if he leaves!!! he’s one of my favorites!!! Super Junior should always be complete no matter what!! Kibummie saranghae!! dont leave please!!! i know you wont!!! 😉 ❤


  27. I don’t want kibum to leave suju ’cause he’s one of my favorite… but what can I do if he’s happy with acting… besides I can’t do anything to make him stay… But if he decided to leave, respecting his decision is the best thing I can do… =(

    I have a question… did han geng left suju??? already???

  28. aw id be happy for him. he always looked left out in their activites like in one of their shows (i forgot which one) he was always off to the side while everyone was togehter and cheering, and he didnt get to sing much in songs either, so i think hed be much happier acting since he loves it. id still support him even if he decieded to leave!

  29. i don’t know what to say..
    i’m speechless..
    honestly i don’t want kibum to leave suju..
    But..if that way make him happy..then i will always support him altough i miss him as a singer..

  30. Kibum Why??
    I am You Number One Fan…

  31. i love Ki Kim Kibum..and don’t want him to leave SuJu they are great team..but what i can do if he’s happy by acting..all what i can do is say for him “GOOD LICK Kim Kibum” in acting…wish you always the best success.

  32. I’m really amaze that people are still paying attention to this post. I wrote this almost a year ago.

  33. kibum , dont Leave suju ~~~ well miss you soo much :*:*:* pLs dont Leave !

  34. ELFs need to realize the truth! Kibum doesn’t want to be in Suju anymore! They have quietly let him sneak through the back door instead of officially announcing his withdrawal. They are scared of our wrath as fans.
    Kibum always wanted to be an actor anyway. I don’t believe he’ll come back, and even if he did, try picturing the awkwardness when he’s on stage…

  35. I Love SUJU .,.,.

  36. hi .. kim kibum are you really not part of the SUPER JUNIOR anymore? i hope NO .. coz SUPER JUNIOR is the BEST band .. and i hope you’ll be back …. even han geng .. i really miss you .. i want you to be part of them . only donghae, kyuhyun and leeteuk was the center of attraction on their new videos .

    … audrey …

  37. kim kibum .. just choose what’s the best for you .. if you want to be an actor . then go .. if it is what you want .. but when you choose to be on super junior .. will be glad .. but were here (im) here to support you and your decision ..

  38. suju,your fan really wants you to back to 13 or at least 12…please don’t disappointed us..12-without kang in because we understand her reason..make a concert (like reunion concert) with 13…we always support you guys…!!!!

  39. i really miss you 😥

  40. I hate to say, but I hate how Kibum is taking his acting career way too seriously and letting go of Super Junior slowly. It’s saddening me to see that he is going on MIA. I know the group misses him a lot and will work hard to obtain his name within the group. Donghae especially will miss him dearly and I blame Kibum for leaving him because they would have been closer than ever. More closer than Donghae & Eunhyuk. T_T I want KiHae back and it will be KiHae Forever~! I Love Dongha & Kibum.

  41. UMMM…This Isn’t true..goshhh….all people here comment they all think this is true….eieiieieie..isn’t true at all..LOLLLLLLLLL

  42. Even….i’m his friends…!!..i never heard those…things..for a years..in this years..i look into this page…..it doesn’t make any sent…yaaa don’t even know nothing about it…just don’t write things like this….LAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  43. I don’t want kibum to leave and I don’t want Henry and Zouhmmi to replace him.But..I really want them 2
    to becomme offical mmembers.It would make suju better with Henry volin skills and zouhmi wonderful voice.”The more the merrier”

  44. kibum is the only one in super junior.. No one can replace it.. I do not agree if you withdraw from super junior.. i really miss you performing with members of super junior.. but think deeply before making a decision.. please.. Do not disappoint the fans..

  45. oh my.. its not true.. i cant accept it.. even if he busy he no need to leave the group.. don’t disappoint us kibum..

  46. Everyone…for the last time Kibum is not leaving SuJu!!!!
    He’s just out on another huge schedule doing his acting,he will come back so stop yappin’ on about him leaving SuJu.If you people don’t want him to leave,don’t think that.

  47. oigan m podrian desir si los super juniors son gay?? xfaa nesesito saber

  48. super junior is 13 nor 12 they are already 11, but kangin’s not there yet because of his millitary services.. why they are all like this? they made us fall in love with them then they’ll just leave!! but i understand .. it’s ok if they are just eleven.. i hope that there will np replacing.. i mean let the 11 members do something to make their fans more happy.. and hope that there will be no more new member ..

  49. Oh’ no, i only hear today, its not good

  50. i respect your choice kibum…although you not still in suer junior,i still love super junior…no one can replace you even henry or zhou mi,,,,super junior hwaiting!!kibum good luck for your future,,,as long you remember all 12 member,,i still support you…saranghae to you kibum and super junior..

  51. i very sad about kibum is releaved from SJ. You did not releave from SJ whatever u have problem .Although u did not have in SJ ,i like/love u always

  52. look dear
    they are busy and taking a star syndrome

  53. I’m maybe a bad person but I will tell you all one thing. KIBUM never left Super Junior,he’s still listed as a member and you should accept Zhoumi and Henry because Teukkie wants you to. You like him don’t you ? Just trust them. They promised … it will be 13 again.

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