Soshis are going all out

July 2, 2009

SNSD fans can sometimes be so harsh. With the new controversy facing their favorite girl group, SNSD fans are giving their all to protect these girls. I don’t have a problem with that but what really bothers me is their attacks against the Uzbekistan singer, Dineyra. We just heard one side of the story, we should wait for the other before making such conclusion on the artistry of the person. There’s no need to throw personal and hurtful attacks without really understanding the situation. You can’t make out the story with only half of the book.

I think her version is better though. I mean it’s more of my taste of music that SNSD’s version. But I still don’t like the song.




  1. I totally agree 100%.
    Soshis are always like this.
    So close-minded.
    That’s why a lot of fanclubs are hating them.
    They’re just too unreasonable.
    SNSD can do nothing wrong in their eyes.
    It’s always the other ones fault.
    Never SNSD’s fault.
    Never a draw.
    SNSD has to win. Childish actually.

  2. I feel bad for the singer. Soshis are bombarding the videos wit hurtful comment. Calling her a bitch, that she should apologize, that she stole it, that she ruined her image. These fans must be on their teens. First, do you think she knows about So Nyeo Shi Dae? 2nd, Do you think she went to SM and found the song and release it as her own? These are unfair judgements. Like shockedfan said, you can’t make out the story with only half of the book. I feel for Dineyra. Being prosecuted online by people she don’t even know.

  3. y r snsd fans lyk dat? i just went 2 dineyra’s song in youtube nd all those comments r rili hard 2 take. yes d song myt hav been stolen if we base on sm’s statement but no 1 deserves that bashing. i hope she’s not reading those. it wud b 2 painful.

    • They have always been like that.
      That’s why SNSD have so many anti fans.

  4. Yes, SNSD fans may have been going too far with the hate comments, but I think that goes for the antis too. Soshis don’t know Dineyra so they don’t have the right to persecute her in any way. And besides, it’s her record company to blame not her if the song was plagerized. Antis also do not have the right to “hate” SNSD. What do you really know about them other than what is shown through media? Nothing. Don’t judge.

    • I think antifans hating SNSD are different from antifans hating Dineyra. The haters of DIneyra are obviously SNSD fans. The difference is that the haters of DIneyra don’t know much to feel that way towards her while the SNSD haters know everything about the girls.

      • excuse me? don’t justify your hate towards snsd..

        what you know against snsd or what you want to believe you know about them?

        i don’t mind haters hating on snsd, what i can’t stand is when those haters justify or rationalize their hate.

        as for snsd fans? well, the statements against them may be true but its not like other fan groups aren’t guilty of the same attitude.

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