2pm winning despite absence

July 3, 2009

2pm released ‘I Hate You’ about three weeks ago but only now it’s getting credit. I said this before, I think ‘I Hate You’ is the best the group has released. Well, for me. This is my kind of songs. My favorite part is the bridge just after Taecyeon’s rap.

The group won Mnet Countdown against VOS and on Music Bank against SNSD and Outsider. Too bad 2pm wasn’t around to accept the recognition. They’re in Thailand as we speak to promote their album. The album is a merger of the two mini-albums that the group release plus some MV.

Pardon my ignorance but I’m really amaze on the quality of codemonmonseason2’s videos. I wonder how his vids have this high quality. I mean compared to the other uploads, his normal quality are others’ HD already. Plus, Sooyoung is looking fine. She should have cut her hair a long time ago. She looks more sophisticated now. I’m not familiar with the third nominee for 1st. Have they been around long? Anyway, congrats again.



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  1. Nice!

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