2pm meets the Infinity Girls

July 4, 2009

The infinity girls recently got together with 2pm. I don’t understand the premise of the show fully but it was good for what it’s worth. I was entertained. This is my second time watching the infinity girls, the first was with 2am. The show shared some similarities with Idol Army, the hosts and guests pair up and then play some games. I like the last game more.

Nichkhun wasn’t in the show. I think he was in Thailand when this was recorded. I like the chubby girl. Very animated and spontaneous. The one doing the main hosting looks like the girl in ‘Can I Sleep Here Tonight?’

Check out the episode. Here’s the first part for those who can understand Hangul. No subs yet. Just browse the user’s channel for the rest of the episode.




One comment

  1. at part 5. who is the girl all over junho? she’s hugging him srprising a lot.

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