How they were once

July 5, 2009

I have always been fond of Korean people. I think Koreans are one of the most beautiful people in the world. Well, at least those in the entertainment industry. Anime came from Japan but Koreans look more like anime than Japanese. But a friend of mine told me earlier this week that liposuction and plastic surgery are very common to Korea that’s why they look all so pretty. So I decided to do a before and after article.

I was quite surprise with what I gathered. Some of the artists were really unnoticeable. Or it could be just hormones. Korean agencies does train singers at a young age. Anyway, decide for yourself. I think some did went under the knife. I couldn’t find any pre-debut pics of the others. Makes me think more that they have undergone surgery.

Wonder Girls

2am and 2pm


some members of Super Junior and DBSK




  1. OMG. Is that really them. Yoobin doesn’t look hot when she’s younger. Is that really Xiah Junsu? Jinwoon looked different. And the SNSD girls. Honestly, Seohyun and Yoona are the only SNSD girls that looked familiar. Is that really Sooyoung and Jessica? Where’s Tiffany? Yunho is still hot though a little chubbier.

  2. I think the hair really makes the difference in their look. 2pm and 2am looks the same thought :)) haha actually i too only recognized seohyun, yoona and yuri in snsd.

  3. While I don’t think it’s awful that they get surgery, for some reason, they all look natural to me.
    Or at least their pre-debut photos looked very similar to their now photos.
    Hmm.. but I really don’t know.
    Maybe some of them did get plastic surgery, but what I really like is that their cool personality is still there. ^^ Hehe~

    Aish.. I’m getting off-topic now, aren’t I? Sorry… ><

  4. there sooooooooo hot!!!

  5. SNSD definitely had surgery.

    CHeck out Jessica’s cheeks
    Taeyeon’s eyes
    and the entirety of Tiffany

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