It’s been 2pm the whole day

July 5, 2009

I’ve been watching Korean TV the whole day yesterday. Like some netizens, I have notice that 2pm was just everywhere. They were in Music Core, Star King, I Have an Uncle, Star Golden Bell, and Introducing a Star’s Friend. Their Thailand performances and interviews also surfaced yesterday. It was quite a busy day for the ‘Hottest’.
The Music Core episode was pre-recorded obviously. I’m starting to wonder how Music Core does their show. SNSD’s performance of ‘Etude’ last week was live I would believe. The fancams were uploaded a few hours after the show. So there are parts of the show that are live. 2pm were supposed to be in Thailand from the 2nd of July to the 7th. So their performance was recorded July 1 at the least. In the Music Core performance, I heard fans. So it’s like they’re doing a show at the time 2pm did their recording. That’s quite expensive. Have two shooting days for one episode. Please do comment if I’m mistaken. I’m just curious.

Also, 2pm has been establishing themselves in Star King lately. I think Korean networks have started to see their entertainment worth. Here’s the first part of 2pm’s clips in Star King. Just browse the user’s channel for the second part. Wooyoung is starting to establish himself as the resident comedian of the group. He has done a lot in the episode. But my favorite part is Jaebeom in the ropes. That was really hard.

I was surprised that Jaebeom, Wooyoung, Junsu, and Taecyeon were in Star King and Star Golden Bell at the same day. Usually if your in one you won’t be in the other. My Korean is very limited so I didn’t get that much in the show. They danced to ‘I Hate You’ and that’s all I could get. Star Golden Bell is known more for the quoted quotes of the guests unlike Star King’s performances. Here’s the first part of the clips of 2pm. Again, please just browse the user for the second part.

2pm was also in Introducing a Star’s Friend. I don’t really like the show. The whole concept was kinda boring for me. But since this article is about shows that has 2pm in it at their 4th of July episode, I’ll include it. Just browse the user’s channel for the second part.

I’m not familiar with ‘I have an Uncle’. I don’t know if it’s a new show. Never heard it ’till now. The premise doesn’t seem that complicated but I’m not feeling it. Maybe I need more time. Anyway, here’s the clip.

2pm has been getting really popular with variety shows. I think they’ll be getting more invitations to these shows since Super Junior is preparing for their Asian Tour. Both have excellent entertainment skills.



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