Rain on a Fox’s Parade

July 5, 2009

Megan Fox was in Korea a few weeks back to promote Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen. While in Korea, she expressed her likeness to South Korea’s pride and joy, Rain. According to sources, the hollywood star finds Rain sexy and that she wants to go out on a date with the guy. Rain apparently has not replied to Fox’s invitation making netizens assume of a rejection.

The Transformers’ star is undoubtedly the most popular woman right now. Well, the most popular to men. I have to admit that the girl is pretty fine. She has this seductively look. From any angle, you’ll feel her sexiness. So naturally, netizens are dumbfounded with Rain’s action. Honestly, I would have done what Rain did. I’m not comfortable with aggressive women. It’s alright to express infatuation but to request a date, I think that’s too much for my ego. I want to be the one to drive the relationship.



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