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Another might leave the family

July 7, 2009

Daesung is one of the original family member in the hit show, ‘Family Outing’. With his spontaneous and well-loved personality, Deasung brings flavor to the already colorful variety. The Big Bang member has been part of the show for over a year now but until when? It was reported on various Kpop site that Daesung did not attend the taping of the show yesterday.

Park Yejin and Chunhee left the show for almost a month now and I can’t help to think that another one will leave. Nothing is forever as they say. Yejin left the show because of the opportunity that opened up for her as an actress. And now, destiny has given Big Bang and Daesung a chance to be bigger than what they are now.

Big Bang is currently trying to make a name for themselves in Japan just like what the Wonder Girls are doing in the US. Both idol groups are big in Korea but had to start from scratch to better themselves as artists. With all the stress and effort one has to give for a performance close to perfection, I think Daesung’s body will give in. Though Korea and Japan are just a few hours away, it’s still a few hours that they should be using to practice or rest.

I think in 4 months or less, YG Entertainment will force our favorite Big Bang member to leave the show for the group and for his health. I’ll put my money on this.