[Chart] M Countdown 2009/07/09

July 9, 2009

Honestly, I didn’t expect M Countdown to be like this, this week. With all the hype with SNSD’s new song, I really thought that they had this in the bag. Well, it just shows how unpredictable life is. The nominees for 1st place on the July 9 episode of M Countdown were 2pm and SNSD. Unfortunately, both groups did not perform on stage. 2pm must still be in Thailand but how ’bout SNSD? Are they ban in Mnet? Or they just refuse to appear on the show because of the not so up-to-date equipment? But anyway, congrats to 2pm. I really like this song.

01 2pm – I Hate You
02 SNSD – Tell me Your Wish (Genie)
03 Outsider – Alone
04 V.O.S – Something is Up
05 SHINee – Juliette
06 8eight – Goodbye, My Love
07 SG Wannabe – I Love You
08 K.Will – 1 Second One Drop
09 4minute – Hot Issue
10 2ne1 – Fire
11 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
12 Koyote – Nonsense
13 Davichi, SeeYa, Ji Yeon – Women’s Generation
14 Lee Seung Chul – Broken Fingernail
15 Kim Yong Joon – Couple
16 Chae Yeon – Shake
17 Jewely – Rally
18 Drunken Tiger – Monster
19 Lena Park – Tears For You
20 MC the Mac – Rewind and Rewind

In other related 2pm news, JYP Entertainment has announced that the group will be ending their ‘Time for Change’ and will have their goodbye stage on the 19th of July. This album really has put 2pm out there. I hope their next album will be a full length one. I wish them all the luck.



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