Perez Hilton is hook again

July 10, 2009

Korean pop music has definitely touched the American blogger, Perez Hilton. He has featured videos by the Wonder Girls, Lee Hyori, SNSD, Big Bang and 2ne1 in his blog. The said blogsite is visited by thousands of people around the world daily. So what an exposure it would be if the guy decides to put you in his window to the world.

2ne1 newest single, ‘I Don’t Care’, is the latest Kpop song to be highly recommended by Perez Hilton. I think the guy is truly Asian by heart. As expected, their were lots of hurtful and unnecessary comments that were posted. The world really seems not ready to embrace Korean music. I hope the Wonder Girls can change that. They are the most popular Korean artist in America right now. Well, there’s Rain but he’s not promoting any album.



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