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SNSD and 2ne1 are fighting it out online

July 12, 2009

Everyday I always read that this particular group are #1 in melon, cyworld, and so on and so forth. I never really believe those posts because of the lack of credits on the article. But today I was quite surprise with the number of posts. After today’s episode of Inkigayo, wordpress has been bombarded by requests and album sales ranking of Korean pop artists. So I decided to check it for myself.

It was really hard to find these sites. When I type melon in the search bar, I get a fruit. So imagine my frustration. It was quite a work finding them considering I don’t have Korean characters in my laptop. Anyway, I found them and I was quite surprise with what kind of world Korea has. These charts are quite a lot considering it’s only one country. Anyway, here are the rankings. I’ll only post the top ten. Some are daily charts, I believe. I can read Hangul but my vocabulary is limited. Most of the time, I don’t know the words I’m reading.

Melon (July 13)
01 2ne1 – I Don’t Care
02 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
03 Outsider – Alone
04 4minute – Hot Issue
05 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
06 2pm – I Hate You
07 8eight – Goodbye, My Love
08 2ne1 – Fire
09 V.O.S. – Something Is Up
10 2pm – Again and Again

Soribada (July 13)
01 2ne1 – I Don’t Care
02 Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man
03 Big Bang – Gara Gara Go (Korean Version)
04 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
05 4minute – Hot Issue
06 Outsider – Alone
07 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
08 One Two – Starry Night
09 2pm – I Hate You
10 SHINee – Juliette

Cyworld (July 13)
01 2ne1 – I Don’t Care
02 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
03 Drunken Tiger – True Romance
04 MYMP – Say You Love Me
05 2ne1 – In the Club
06 Outsider – Alone
07 K.Will – Love is Punishment
08 Kim Yong Joon – Couple
09 St. Day – Afraid
10 TOP and Taeyang – Friend

2ne1 is really taking Korea by storm. They have lots of multiple entries in different charts. But SNSD also has ‘Genie’ and ‘Etude’ in their side. It would be really an exciting week next week. I wonder who’ll win.

I apologize, these are the only ones I could translate and find. According to sources, there’s still mnet, musicon, muz, hanteo, and bugs. I feel like doing this again. It would be too much of a hassle if I’ll do it everyday. I’ll post another one again next week after Inkigayo. Check out the credits for validity of the chart.



2NE1 outsells SNSD

July 12, 2009

Anti-fans are at work again and they’re hanging around at allkpop in a 2ne1 article. It’s really funny how they’ll just pop out when a threat to their idol is looming around. Anyway, I was reading the comments and I found a very interesting fact. I don’t know if people already know this but I’ll post it still.

Apparently, you can determine the ranking of the album sales in There’s this part of the site that shows the bestseller albums for 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. It’s updated everyday so ranking does change on a daily basis. I went to the said site and as of today here is the ranking (July 12 2009):

01 SS501 – Collection
02 2NE1 1st Mini Album – 2NE1
03 alan Debut Mandarin Album (CD+DVD) (Limited Edition) (Hong Kong Version)
04 Girls’ Generation 2nd Mini Album – Genie
05 Super Junior Vol. 3 – Sorry, Sorry (Version C)
06 F4 Special Edition
07 Boys Over Flowers OST Part 2 (KBS TV Drama)
08 DIM (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
09 Boys Over Flowers OST (KBS TV Drama)
10 Tegomass no Uta (ALBUM+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

The ranking covers the entire collection that yesasia is selling. If you look more closely, you’ll see that 7 out of the ten are from Korean establishments. This only proves the popularity of Korean music all over asia.

This is also what fans and antifans are fighting over in allkpop. In the ranking, 2ne1 has passed SNSD in terms of album sales. Yesasia didn’t post any numbers so I don’t know how much of a victory it is. But the amazing part of the ranking is when you list the bestsellers in 90 days. 2ne1 is number 11 after just a few days of release. Imagine that, in 90 days, they were the 11th most bought album considering they only release their album last 8th of July. Amazing.

I don’t know if this is better than SNSD’s since the ranking has no number of sales and that I only knew about this now. I don’t know how SNSD performed in this when they released their ‘Genie’ album. In the 90 days ranking, SNSD is still 4th. That’s a lot of gap between 4 and 11. It could be that SNSD has 7 more sold albums, it could also be 7 million. Since yesasia doesn’t release number of sales, we’ll never really know. Anyhow, here’s the 90 days bestseller ranking.

01 Super Junior Vol. 3 – Sorry, Sorry (Version C)
02 F4 Special Edition
03 Boys Over Flowers OST Part 2 (KBS TV Drama)
04 Girls’ Generation 2nd Mini Album – Genie
05 Boys Over Flowers OST (KBS TV Drama)
06 SS501 – Collection
07 Everything (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
08 SHINee 2nd Mini Album – Romeo
09 2PM 2nd Single Album
10 Girls’ Generation Mini Album – Gee
11 2NE1 1st Mini Album – 2NE1
12 Break the Records -by you & for you- (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
13 Big Bang – 2009 Live Concert : Big Show
14 Wonder Girls : The Wonder Years – Trilogy: Nobody
15 Yiruma – First Love Repackage
16 Koi no ABO (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
17 Let’s Get Wet (CD+DVD)
18 Tegomass no Uta (ALBUM+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
19 DIM (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
20 SS501 Vol. 1 – S.T 01 Now



Koreans look all the same

July 12, 2009

Selca pics of 2pm’s Lee Junho have circulated all over the net recently. And I do agree that the resemblance to Rain is surprisingly great. Honestly, I thought he was Rain’s brother when I first saw him. I think the eyes and the smile are the similarities. You won’t see it in this pic though.

I find a lot of celebrities look the same though my friends say that they’re not. When I was first introduced to SNSD, I couldn’t tell Seo Hyun, Yuri and Yoona apart. Actually, I can tell if it’s Yoona but whenever I see Seo Hyun and Yuri, I always think it’s Yoona. But who can blame me, just look at the pic.

I’m not good about details in the face. If I have to tell apart some people, I go with hair length and color, skin color, height etc., things that are obvious at first glance. When I got into Wonder Girls, they were promoting ‘So Hot’ at the time. I tell them apart by describing their physical features. Ye Eun was the red-head girl, Yoobin is the tanned lady, Sohee’s face was distinct enough for me to tell her apart, Sunye was the one with the sassy hairdo and then Sunmi. At the time, there wasn’t anything distinct about Sunmi. When I tell my friends about the Wonder Girls, Sunmi was always the 5th one. It was hard for me to describe her at the time.

I don’t know if people would agree with me but Super Junior’s Hankyung and 2pm’s Chansung do look like each other. Maybe it’s the eyes or the smile, I don’t know. I knew Super Junior first and when I got into 2pm, I was astounded by their similarities. For me, they could pass as brothers.



Girl Power! Let the games begin

July 12, 2009

It will be an interesting 2nd half of the year for Kpop. Girl groups are everywhere. As you all know, a lot of the more well known boy groups has left Korea to expand their popularity. Only 2pm, 2am, SHINee and Super Junior are left to face SNSD, 2ne1, Kara, and 4minute. The boys are definitely outnumbered but are they outmatched?

If we compare the girl groups, SNSD and Kara has the same kind of music and, 2ne1 and 4minute both go for the women empowerment thing. But who among them will last?

SNSD is currently the most popular and the most successful girl group today. They started the year with the smash hit ‘Gee’ and now are hoping for a repeat of that success with ‘Genie’. All members of SNSD are cute and are very pretty and they incorporate these on their music, but these can only take them so far. If you’re following my posts, you’ll know that I’m not that much a of a fan of these women. I’m not an anti-fan, I’m just not feeling their music. I think it’s very gender-bias and one-dimensional.

If you listen to their previous songs, they all sound alike. I mean there’s no variety with their music. And this is the reason I think SNSD won’t last long. There was a lot of hype when SNSD announced their comeback with ‘Genie’, but it has now faded. Yes, their new album has been selling better than ‘Gee’ but album sales doesn’t mean anything anymore in my opinion. Kpop artist don’t just have Korean fans, they have fans all over the continent.

To add to that, I feel that SNSD has so much to prove with ‘Genie’. ‘Gee’ was a success but a lot questions this success since their victory was empty. There is no honor in winning anything so easily. As you all know, SNSD was the only popular group at the time ‘Gee’ was released.

And then you have Kara. Kara debuted the same time as the Wonder Girls and SNSD but have only tasted success recently. Not much a fan of them actually. It seems like they’re going for a cutesy kinda image. I think among the younger girl groups, Kara is at the lower end of the spectrum. When I think of Kara, I don’t know what to say because I don’t have anything to say. I think they suffered from an identity crisis for so long before finally settled with their current image. I forced myself to watched their debut performance and it was quite far from who they are now as a group.

Kara, along with SNSD and the Wonder Girls were the top 3 girl groups in Korea last year. With the absence of the Wonder Girls, you would have thought that Kara would rise up on the occasion, but they didn’t. And I don’t see it happening anytime soon. At the moment, it’s SNSD vs 2ne1.

Speaking of 2ne1, the group has been so phenomenal. I don’t remember any group winning a mutizen on their debut single. It was just amazing. They were tagged as the female Big Bang and were formally introduced in the ‘Lollipop’ CF. These girls aren’t as pretty as the other girl groups but they perform quite so well. I didn’t really notice them in ‘Lollipop’ because they were underexpose in that CF, but when ‘Fire’ came out, I was so impressed especially with CL. She has this aura that you can’t help but notice. CL is definitely the reason why 2ne1 is where they are now.

My only comment with 2ne1 is that they’re too Big Bang like. With the choreography, with the songs, it was Big Bang all the way. I know that they’re tagged as the female Big Bang but they should establish an identity. Well, it’s still too early though. They have just been around for almost two months and what two months it was for them. Currently, I am so much into their ‘I Don’t Care’ single. It’s really that good. Just a side note, 2pm has ‘I Hate You’, I think negative titles will be the hit soon.

Finally, 4minute. I never really noticed them at first. I think 2ne1 was all over the news when 4minutes’ company was teasing the public with their debut. Their song, ‘Hot Issue’, is quite nice actually. Very addicting. I actually saw their debut performance at M Countdown and I thought they sucked. It was really that bad but when I saw them in Music Bank and Music Core, what an improvement it was. I think it was just the equipment. M Countdown should seriously update their equipment. At least try to compete with the other music programs. Anyway, 4 minute has similar styles with 2ne1 with a little western influence. I’m really liking them. Their style really stands out.

However, 4minute seems like a two person group with 3 back-up dancers. I know a lot of people must have notice it as well. Jiyoon and Hyuna have been getting the attention of the group with Hyuna’s former group and Jiyoon intensity on stage. But I’ll give them some slack since it’s their first song. I’m really excited for their album. If it’s good, they’ll do well. If it’s not, then they’re just another After School. 4minute and After School actually has the same style but After School went on disappointing me. They were just another hype I guess.

I’m looking forward for the next few months. Right now, it’s SNSD and 2ne1 who are ruling Kpop but like I said. Unless SNSD starts varying their song, I see a 2ne1 vs 4minute rivalry very much like the Wonder Girls vs SNSD rivalry of 2007.