Girl Power! Let the games begin

July 12, 2009

It will be an interesting 2nd half of the year for Kpop. Girl groups are everywhere. As you all know, a lot of the more well known boy groups has left Korea to expand their popularity. Only 2pm, 2am, SHINee and Super Junior are left to face SNSD, 2ne1, Kara, and 4minute. The boys are definitely outnumbered but are they outmatched?

If we compare the girl groups, SNSD and Kara has the same kind of music and, 2ne1 and 4minute both go for the women empowerment thing. But who among them will last?

SNSD is currently the most popular and the most successful girl group today. They started the year with the smash hit ‘Gee’ and now are hoping for a repeat of that success with ‘Genie’. All members of SNSD are cute and are very pretty and they incorporate these on their music, but these can only take them so far. If you’re following my posts, you’ll know that I’m not that much a of a fan of these women. I’m not an anti-fan, I’m just not feeling their music. I think it’s very gender-bias and one-dimensional.

If you listen to their previous songs, they all sound alike. I mean there’s no variety with their music. And this is the reason I think SNSD won’t last long. There was a lot of hype when SNSD announced their comeback with ‘Genie’, but it has now faded. Yes, their new album has been selling better than ‘Gee’ but album sales doesn’t mean anything anymore in my opinion. Kpop artist don’t just have Korean fans, they have fans all over the continent.

To add to that, I feel that SNSD has so much to prove with ‘Genie’. ‘Gee’ was a success but a lot questions this success since their victory was empty. There is no honor in winning anything so easily. As you all know, SNSD was the only popular group at the time ‘Gee’ was released.

And then you have Kara. Kara debuted the same time as the Wonder Girls and SNSD but have only tasted success recently. Not much a fan of them actually. It seems like they’re going for a cutesy kinda image. I think among the younger girl groups, Kara is at the lower end of the spectrum. When I think of Kara, I don’t know what to say because I don’t have anything to say. I think they suffered from an identity crisis for so long before finally settled with their current image. I forced myself to watched their debut performance and it was quite far from who they are now as a group.

Kara, along with SNSD and the Wonder Girls were the top 3 girl groups in Korea last year. With the absence of the Wonder Girls, you would have thought that Kara would rise up on the occasion, but they didn’t. And I don’t see it happening anytime soon. At the moment, it’s SNSD vs 2ne1.

Speaking of 2ne1, the group has been so phenomenal. I don’t remember any group winning a mutizen on their debut single. It was just amazing. They were tagged as the female Big Bang and were formally introduced in the ‘Lollipop’ CF. These girls aren’t as pretty as the other girl groups but they perform quite so well. I didn’t really notice them in ‘Lollipop’ because they were underexpose in that CF, but when ‘Fire’ came out, I was so impressed especially with CL. She has this aura that you can’t help but notice. CL is definitely the reason why 2ne1 is where they are now.

My only comment with 2ne1 is that they’re too Big Bang like. With the choreography, with the songs, it was Big Bang all the way. I know that they’re tagged as the female Big Bang but they should establish an identity. Well, it’s still too early though. They have just been around for almost two months and what two months it was for them. Currently, I am so much into their ‘I Don’t Care’ single. It’s really that good. Just a side note, 2pm has ‘I Hate You’, I think negative titles will be the hit soon.

Finally, 4minute. I never really noticed them at first. I think 2ne1 was all over the news when 4minutes’ company was teasing the public with their debut. Their song, ‘Hot Issue’, is quite nice actually. Very addicting. I actually saw their debut performance at M Countdown and I thought they sucked. It was really that bad but when I saw them in Music Bank and Music Core, what an improvement it was. I think it was just the equipment. M Countdown should seriously update their equipment. At least try to compete with the other music programs. Anyway, 4 minute has similar styles with 2ne1 with a little western influence. I’m really liking them. Their style really stands out.

However, 4minute seems like a two person group with 3 back-up dancers. I know a lot of people must have notice it as well. Jiyoon and Hyuna have been getting the attention of the group with Hyuna’s former group and Jiyoon intensity on stage. But I’ll give them some slack since it’s their first song. I’m really excited for their album. If it’s good, they’ll do well. If it’s not, then they’re just another After School. 4minute and After School actually has the same style but After School went on disappointing me. They were just another hype I guess.

I’m looking forward for the next few months. Right now, it’s SNSD and 2ne1 who are ruling Kpop but like I said. Unless SNSD starts varying their song, I see a 2ne1 vs 4minute rivalry very much like the Wonder Girls vs SNSD rivalry of 2007.




  1. You have some quotable quotes here:

    “There is no honor in winning anything so easily.”

    “I don’t know what to say because I don’t have anything to say.”

    “4minute seems like a two person group with 3 back-up dancers.”

    Funny yet so true.

  2. Why you have to write all this negative writeups about SNSD. If you not like them then shut the hell up. I know you like 2ne1 more but they never win against So Nyeo Shi Dae.

    • I’m sorry. Am I not allowed to express my opinion? The only negative thing I said about SNSD is that I’m not feeling their music. I’m quite offended with what you said soshilove. I’m not an antifan but you made me seem like I am. This blog is a venue for opinions to be brought across. I’m flattered that you gave time to post in my blog but please watch your words. There are lots of ways to express what you feel without resorting to hurtful comments and baseless accusations. SNSD are great and all but you can’t expect everyone to love them as much as you do. So please calm down and be open-minded on things that you read.

    • obvious snsd’s loyal fan. immature comment.
      and to shockedfan. your article is really interesting to read.
      love ur blog.

  3. Honestly 2ne1 song”i dont care” is beautiful song and i like it so much..Talking about SNSD, im not a fan of SNSD But i dont hate them either..But I have to give these girls some respect for their hard work to success..Yes i agree most of their songs are bias-gender but people should give these girls a chance to prove how talended they can be rather than keep bashing them..(sorry about my english)

    • I agree that some of them are really talented, it’s just the material given to them. I hope an opportunity will open for them were they can showcase their talent. They’re not gonna be cute and pretty forever.

  4. to ppl tht hate snsd! i lik all groups but the truth is tht SNSD and WG are the most popular girl group now! and DBSK and SHINee are the most popular boy group! its the truth and no lying! i dont hate any band but im more of a girl tht are into snsd or wg song or kara! 2ne1 and 4 minute is more rockish i lik hot issue and i dont care lots but not my type but i still listen to it

  5. i so very like KaRA!

  6. 2ne1 is the best!!!! they’re special and unique from other girlgroups!

  7. snsd yuck 2ne1 are the best their music is rooooock but that does not mean they r so bad i like some of them. but their music kills me it is so girly and un cool

  8. (tagalog) para sa akin ang 2ne1 ang pinakasikat at pinaka magandang kanta na napapakinggan ko, dahil para sa akin ang kantang 2ne1 ang pinaka hit hindi lang dahil sa kanta kundi lalo na din sa kanilang kasuotan……………………………………….


  10. excellente enticos de propro y hismo con preexpe suzeguga. caderna a itemolv y buntes inincias con edastr ostro!

  11. I hate wonder girl
    I want snsd


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