2pm’s teaser is not really a teaser

July 13, 2009

I stumbled on this video of 2pm and I’m, I’m lost for words. It’s… different than what I’m used to seeing to them. For a group that is known for their manliness, this is so weird. Well, at least the video is. Usually a teaser would give something about the show but this, this is giving me the wrong message. I read somewhere that ‘Wild Bunny’ would be the name of their new show but I have no idea what the premise is.

It seems like the director of this teaser is a fan of Beverly Hills 90210. From the sounds to the concept. It’s so similar. Are they gonna put 2pm in a teen drama? Is there even such a thing in Korea? Group of friends banding together and help with each other’s problem? That would be a laugh. Seriously. Well, it’s just a guess but it’s highly unlikely that it is so. Family is the utmost importance in Korean culture. Anyway, here’s the opening credit of Beverly Hills 90210 for comparison. Notice the part where the names are being called out.



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