Music for the soul

July 13, 2009

I have always loved it when songs are played in the piano. I feel that the song gets more personal and romantic when played like this. Recently, a certain Yoonha Hwang posted a piano cover of 2ne1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ on his youtube channel. The cover was great. Surprisingly, it sounded really really nice.

If I never heard of the song before he covered it, I would think that the song was about a guy who was being nostalgic about a past love. He’s walking in a park in autumn and then a sudden gush of wind comes and leaves are falling down slowly. Then he sees her but then again she’s not there. The last ten seconds gave me that feeling. It seems so lonely. This song has really got me bad. Kudos to the composer. I really like the beat and the melody. It’s just very soothing to hear.

As I said I never heard of Yoonha Hwang ’till today. I searched his channel and I also come to like his cover of Super Junior’s It’s You. I hope he re-records this song. The quality disparity between ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘It’s You’ is quite obvious.



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