Wooyoung’s on a roll

July 16, 2009

2pm’s Jang Wooyoung will take over Super Junior’s Shindong place in Sim Sim Tapa. Shindong decides to leave the show to concentrate on Super Junior’s upcoming Asian tour. A representative of Sim Sim Tapa has stated that they chose Wooyoung because of his witty personality. I also think this witty personality is what gave him his Inkigayo hosting job.

2pm will be ending their promotions by the end of the week. But 2pm fans shouldn’t be sad. A JYP representative has stated that though 2pm wouldn’t be appearing in music shows, they’ll still be appearing in variety shows. Here are 2pm’s schedule for the week.

July 15
[Radio] KBS-R3 Song as a gift at noon 12.10-01.00 – Khun Taec excluded
[Radio] KBS Seo Kyung Seok Music Show 02:00pm-04:00pm – Khun Taec excluded
[Radio] MBC Park Myung soo Radio 02:00pm-04:00pm – Chansung Junho
[Radio] MBC Shimshimtap 1day DJ 00:00am-02:00am – Wooyoung
[Recording] Song Eunee Shin Bong Seon DongDong Radio – Wooyoung
[Recording] Sunday Sunday Night – Khun Taecyeon

July 16
[Broadcast] M.net M countdown 07:00 pm

July 17
[Broadcast] KBS2 Music Bank 06:30 pm
[Radio] MBC PKL Starry Night Radio 10.05-12.00 pm – 2PM (?)

July 18
[Broadcast] MBC Music Core 04:20 pm
[Broadcast] MBC Introducing Stars’ Friends 05:15 pm- Jaebeom Chansung
Fansign at Ilsan

July 19
[Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo 04:10 pm
[Broadcast] MBC Sunday Sunday Night (Health and Living Variety Segment) 05:20- Khun
[Recording] KBS2 Invincible Saturday – I’ve an uncle – Jaebeom

July 20
[Recording] SBS Star King – Wooyoung Khun
[Recording] KBS2 Invincible Saturday – I’ve an uncle – Jaebeom
KBS Maybee’s Volume up Radio 08:00 pm – Junsu Jaebeom

July 21
[Radio] SBS-R Jung Seon Hee’s Love FM at noon 12.10-02.00 – Taecyeon excluded
[Radio] SBS-Radio Ten Ten Club 10:00 pm – Junho
[Radio] MBC-R2 PMS’s date at 2pm at public (Hangang) – Taecyeon excluded

July 22
[Recording] MBC Introducing Stars’ Friends – Chansung
[Recording] Sunday Sunday Night – Khun



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