Brown Eyed Girls joins the battle

July 17, 2009

And another girl groups comes to entertain us yet again. I’m very surprised with the number of girl groups that will be active this 2nd half of the year. Brown Eyed Girls has been teasing the public for a few days now. I never really bothered to check them out. The hype nowadays are SNSD and 2NE1. I just pass any news about them. I wasn’t that much of a fan. I do like ‘How come?’ though.

After days of being apathetic to Brown Eyed Girls, I finally decided to check them out. I actually like this preview. It’s powerful and it does attract attention. For some reason, Super Junior came to mind after watching this video. I don’t know yet why. The video seems to show woman empowerment. It’s actually nice that most of the groups are leaving the cute concept. It is kinda getting old.

I’m waiting for T-ara and Kara to enter the battlefield of girl groups. I wonder what concept they’ll be sporting. It would be funny if they would show the same style. Same style, synonymous name, people might confuse them.

I heard Jewelry will be comebacking soon. That makes 7 already. With so many girl groups, I’m very looking forward for a boyband to show up. Even a corny one. Just to add flavor to Kpop. With so many girls, the pop music could get boring.





One comment

  1. 2ne1 a go go go!!!
    2ne1 fighting!!!

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