The Man behind the Women

July 17, 2009

A friend of mine told me about this Wonder Girls fan site a few days ago. I don’t know if you have heard of it, wonderfulsworld.com? Anyway, I was told that the fan site is made up of fans who were individually blogging about the wonder girls and then decided to work together. It’s actually a good idea to work together if all of you are passionate in what you are doing and has a long term goal, unlike me. I don’t know how long this blog will go, seriously. This is just a hobby and knowing me I just might stop writing spontaneously. I should really change the title of this blog. I only write things that I’m interested in.

Going back to the the Wonder Girls fan site, I think it’s updated. There are a lot of things that I did not know that is posted there. If you’re a Wonder Girls fan and you want to know how they’re doing, you should visit the site.

There was an interesting article posted there that I want to share about JYP. It was written by By Lee HyunWoo at Star Today. Here’s how it goes.

Park JinYoung (JYP) may be the chief of the Wonder Girls’ management company JYPE, but he is drawing attention for his passionate involvement in helping the group launch its career in America. JYP is currently active as creative director, producer, and even manager to the group and can be said to be singlehandedly carrying out the work of 100 men.

In order to introduce the Wonder Girls to music industry representatives through an American tour, he successfully secured an opening act position in the North American tour of the popular American idol group the Jonas Brothers. Now, he is actively doing all that is in his power to support the Wonder Girls in their US launch.

First, as producer to the group, JYP was responsible for taking the Wonder Girls’ original Korean studio recordings and overseeing the re-recording process of the English versions. He also took charge in more detailed preparation by overseeing the choreography and vocals among other elements. In addition, although the Wonder Girls have a manager on location with them in the US, JYP attends each and every concert performance as the Wonder Girls open for the Jonas Brothers’ North American tour and supports the group in the role of manager. Moreover, not only does he aid the group throughout scheduled concert activities, he also works hard to advertise the group after each show by sharing post-performance opinions through his Twitter.

Meanwhile, he is persistent about continuing to meet with music industry representatives on location in discussions regarding the business of launching Wonder Girls’ American career. Hence, he is also fulfilling his duties as head of the group’s management company.

Not only that, it has also been revealed that he is simultaneously overseeing the album release preparations for G-Soul and J-Lim—who are currently preparing for their debuts in America—as well as 2AM and 2PM’s vigorous activity schedule in Korea. He is also composing songs for a new JYP female idol group that is in the works.

In addition, he can also be seen serving the role of the president of the Wonder Girls’ Korean fan club as he makes sure even the most trivial of details get delivered to fans. On the 14th, he—sounding rather overjoyed—took to his Twitter to post the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters had attended the Jonas Brothers’ concert and seen the Wonder Girls perform.

A JYPE representative explained, “JYP went over to the US first and gained footing as a composer, then he established the JYPE corporate offices there. The result of everything that occurred up until now is finally surfacing little by little through the Wonder Girls’ American launch, so he’s more motivated in his work than ever.”

I have always taught that Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment is the best CEO of today because of number of groups that became successful in his agency, DBSK, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, to name a few. But it just occured to me that these groups are only financial success. Aside for BoA and DBSK, if you look down the road for SM’s artists, where will they be? It’s good that there are many groups to profit of but only few of them would actually grow as artists. Only now I understand why YG was so detailed when 2ne1 debuted. He wants to be a success and not just another group.

JYP has plans for the Wonder Girls even before they debut. I remember an episode of the Wonder Girls in an MTV show. Hyuna was still a member. I forgot the name of the show though but in the episode he was telling Sunmi that they should reach out for the stars. Not just aim to be the number one girl group in Korea but the number one in the world. I think they’re a step closer to that goal now but they still have a long way to go.

I really admire JYP for his passion. He really knows how to get what he wants. Rain was his protege when he got popular in the US. With Rain and the Wonder Girls, that’s already 2 popular artists that JYP made known. Well, I assume the Wonder Girls are already known in the states. The girls got a lot of interest from Americans after hearing they’ll be opening for the Jonas Brothers.

Anyway, check out the latest video from the wonder girls youtube channel.





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