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Wendy Williams, to experience the wonder

July 18, 2009

News has been going around that the Wonder Girls are going to guest on a US TV show. The Wendy Williams show to be exact. I’m a very skeptical person. I don’t easily believe things until I see proof and now I see proof. A netizen has recently posted a preview of the episode that the girls are expected to be guesting.

I actually don’t know who Wendy Williams is so I don’t how their guesting will go but I’ve read that the woman can be very blunt. I hope she won’t be one of those close-minded Americans. It’s okay to be brutally honest but it’s not to be rude just for fun. Anyway, the episode is on Monday morning they say. So about mindnight in eastern Asia time. I hope fans would be recording this. Let’s pray that things won’t be nasty.