Wonder Girls perform at the Wendy Williams Show

July 20, 2009

The American TV debut of the Wonder Girls happened today at the Wendy Williams Show. As usual they were great. And they were very synchronize indeed. I really miss them performing in front of the audience instead of around them. It’s not that I didn’t like their performance at the Jonas Brothers’ Concert, you just won’t appreciate the choreography much when done like that.

This is a big feat for the Wonder Girls and for asian entertainment. I think the reason why they’re doing much better than Se7en or BoA, popularity wise, is that they’re giving something new to the American public. BoA is known as the asian Britney Spears, but when you go to America, they have Britney Spears. There’s redundancy in the image.

I’m genuinely happy for the Wonder Girls. I hope they’ll keep doing well. Aja! Fighting!





  1. ..hi…
    wondergirls are so amazing!..
    ..they are very popular here in philippines..
    …wish that you may come here’!
    with your dance NOBODY!!!!!!!!

    especially SO HEE…
    your so cute!!!!!!

  2. Oppa jay
    please comeback ..
    We miss you so much ..
    we want you back and give us a smile ..
    2PM, ONEDAY, HOTTEST are FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They sucks….5 stupid monkeys

    • If WG are stupid monkeys, then what do you call SNSD? Rats and cockroaches?

  4. i luv u,,

  5. wonder girls are sooooooooo amazing
    I like you soooo much

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