A look on antifans and SNSD and their fans

July 22, 2009

I was watching some youtube videos of the Wonder Girls’ performance in the Wendy Williams show. I’m very much a fan of the Wonder Girls that’s why I’m so excited that they’re getting this much exposure in the US. Even BoA didn’t get these much attention. And she made it in Japan. Anyway, going back to the Wendy Williams video, I was quite surprise with the number of comments the video had after just a few days. As most netizens know, many comments means their is a fight in the comment section. I read the comments and it was everything I expected. It’s gut instinct. You fight what you’re not familiar with. But what I’m surprised with is from who these hurtful comments came from. Most of them are from close-minded Americans but there were some that came from Asian people who were familiar with the Wonder Girls even before they debut in the US.

I was a little sad to see Asian fans being mean to the Wonder Girls. Even going as far as degrading each member. If you don’t like them then why speak so negatively. In the first place, no one is asking their opinion. I don’t even know why they’re watching the video to begin with if they dislike the Wonder Girls so much. There is this person, asfkdjaslkdfjasl, is his youtube channel. He commented on a lot of the Wonder Girls’ Wendy Williams performance and said a lot of tactful comments. It’s okay to be straight forward but to go to depths just to tell people that the Wonder Girls won’t make it, that’s a little weird.

It came as a shock to me when I viewed the author of some of the negative comments and I saw their uploaded videos. They were SNSD songs. These are soshi fans apparently. And I saw their recent comments. They were commenting on the same performance but from different uploader. It was then clear to me that these were demolition jobs. I was kinda disappointed. I thought SNSD fans were already pass this phase of their fandom. I’m not generalizing soshi fans but you have to admit that SNSD have the most passionate and close-minded fans in Kpop.

I didn’t have a positive first impression of SNSD actually. The first time I saw them and listened to them was at the 2008 Dream Concert and we all know how that turn out. At the time, I was new at the Kpop scene. I don’t know much about the artists that performed there and who they are. But the group that really stood out for me was SNSD. Not because of their performance but of the rumors and news that surrounded them before and after the free concert. I was thinking what could have these girls might have done to receive such hatred from all these people. It caught my curiosity.

I’ve read and read blogs until I stumbled on shenyuepop.com. The author was clearly an antifan of SNSD but his article about the incident was kinda interesting. Also, he posted pics and videos that made the blog news for me. He gave all these videos as proof of what he was saying. The tearing of the banners of the fans, the disrespectful to their sunbaes, the primadonna attitude of most of the members, the plastic surgery and the user issue. And honestly, it worked on me. I really disliked SNSD after that.

But as time went by, my dislike to them disappeared. I finally came to my senses. What’s the use of hating people whose songs you don’t even like. Aside from ‘Gee’ and ‘Etude’, I never really liked any of their songs. I just find them so feminine with no room for masculinity. They were just too gender bias. But surprisingly, most of the members of their fanclub are men, which I find weird.

Anyway, after the Dream Concert, SNSD took a break as a group and focused more on their personal growth as artists. They came back at the start of 2009 with the hit single, ‘Gee’. Kpop fans have apparently forgiven the girls and supported them throughout their promotion of the mini album. SNSD seems to be heading to the top.

However, some netizens has pointed out that the ‘Gee’ success was due to the lack of popular groups that were active at the time that they release the mini album and also the lack of quality songs that were release at the time. Though I like ‘Gee’, this thought has always hovered over me. Wonder Girls promoted ‘Nobody’ at the same time as Big Bang and DBSK. Two idol groups that have an established fanbase, but still the Wonder Girls were able to generate success. They did won cyworld song of the month twice for this song.

I want to see SNSD do the same thing for me to believe that ‘Gee’ wasn’t luck. Whatever anybody say and no matter what their fans do, it can never deny that SNSD got lucky that no one was there to contest them. I really don’t see these girls at the same level with DBSK, Big Bang and the Wonder Girls in terms of popularity. The three idol groups are not just popular in Korea but also in Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, etc. SNSD are not even that well known here in my country and we’re very much of Korean Pop Music freaks.

Right now, 2NE1 is posing as a threat to SNSD. This is a wonderful opportunity for Taeyeon and her girls to prove once and for all that their win was real and SNSD is not just another pretty girls that can carry a tune.


  1. your so right !!!

  2. thats so true if they don’t like the a group the anti-fans shouldn’t comments at all its rude to me its just jealousy to me. i use to not listen to kpop but i got started to listen when i was in korea now i listen alot of it

  3. If its an Asian country go ahead and speak your opinion but if its like America, come on now anti-asians or antis! we all asian have to support each other no matter how much we hate each other. if we asian can’t even support our own kind then who are we to turn too? this is probably the reason why many asian stars and artists can’t really get the fame in other country because of hatred and jealousy. its so stupid and it makes us asian look even more stupider.

  4. SNSD fans like to generalize people. If I don’t like Gee it does not I’m an anti. I just don’t listen to it. I hope that your blog will not found by their fans. It sure be flame.

  5. As a Thai I can say that SNSD’s Gee was (and still is) a phenomenal hit in Thailand. Previously, WG’s Nobody took the country by storm. By that I mean everyone was doing the dance, variety show hosts were making their celeb guests do the dance on TV and so on. Even some Thai singers would do a cover of Nobody in their concerts as a ‘special’ performance.

    After the Nobody craze, it’s safe to say that the only song that made it as big as Nobody did in Thailand was Gee. Again, the song and the dance proved addictive. I know some Thai rock bands that routinely do a cover of Gee in their gigs. It’s true that DBSK and WG are very popular in Thailand (i doubt Big Bang is on the same level as them in my country, and i’m saying this as a V.I.P. myself), but the success of Gee has clearly established SNSD as a household name here too.

    Oh and I must say I like your detailed and thoughtful posts. Great blog you have here. Keep it up!

  6. whoa thats so harsh.. is that really true bout’ SNSD?? i never thought they can be so mean.. about the prove where can i read it?? I’m looking fwd to it..

    Way To Go… Aja Aja Fighting!!! Hahaaha

  7. yes, that when i hated them too
    but sure, it was one mistake, right???
    i looked up more and more
    and then i went to fan sites
    just to see how they defend themselves???
    and it’s absolutely PATHETIC
    join STAND
    where the REAL truth is
    where we dont beat upSones like InSanes beat us up
    and we dont bash them on their own territory
    like they do to use
    InSanes are crazy

    • what r u talking abt SNSDSUCKS????
      it doesn’t actually make any sense….
      think before you write…
      And I think that the blog is really thoughtful…
      There are lots of negative comments about SNSD
      Like SNSD being rude…
      I must admit they are not the best in manners (even rude)
      but I bet there are sometimes that u r rude (whether it’s caught in camera or not)
      and usually it’s because of Tiffany
      But I think that people should just understand that SNSD are humans too.
      I must say — I really like WG –especially ‘tell me’ and ‘nobody’
      and as they were saying if ‘gee’ was released with ‘nobody’ it would be beaten — I doubt that (both songs are good, but personally I like ‘gee’ more)
      People are saying 2ne1 are going to dominate… I like their songs but I am ashamed to be their fans (I like dara especially) — they actually bash people in their own territory more than the SONES — this might be the reason why 2ne1 are gaining more antis
      I was ashamed to be a SONE before, now I am shamed to be a 2ne1fan
      I really think that people should just chill out — stop being antis (if u don’t like them –don’t comment, just ignore)

      • 2ne1 bashing people? where’s your proof? We all know that SNSD can be bitchy at times but 2ne1? State your sources.

  8. ” I’m not generalizing soshi fans but you have to admit that SNSD have the most passionate and close-minded fans in Kpop.”

    hahaha.. enough with the un-bias disguise, you cannot help but show your true colors..

    SONEs are moreclose-minded than those who did the silent protest?!?! really? and don’t go throwing back the rape/stab accusations, none of the alleged incidents made it to the news nor to the police..

  9. This is very true. SNSD didn’t come out when the big groups were promoting and they were truly lucky to have Gee out when no one big was promoting. No matter what people say, it’s the truth. I feel they got to the top with A LOT of luck. I don’t think they can ever go against Wonder Girls. Well maybe since their fanbase is HUGE compared to WG. What I love about WG is that they’re so humble even when they accomplished a lot and are still down to earth.

  10. PLEASE LOOK AT THIS POST AGAIN AND SEE WHAT SNSD IS RIGHT NOW! THEY’RE TOP OF KOREA GIRLS GROUP. I hope you changed your mind and become a true sone like us all.

  11. Wow! This was a looooooong time ago, and I just found this out. I am disappointed in myself for not finding out about this sooner. But anyway, SNSD is practically at the tops of the charts right now.

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