KARA officially joins the battle

July 29, 2009

DSP’s number 1 girl group has recently released the music video of their latest single, Wanna. Everbody including me are waiting for Kara’s comeback as well as Jewelry and T-ara. The battle has definitely began. Just waiting for few more characters to show up and all hell will break lose. Here is Kara’s music video.

I was quite disappointed with the vid actually. From their teaser, I really thought they would be doing a girl empowerment concept. But yet again, another cutesy video. Honestly, I like the song. I mean the beat. I just hate the lyrics. These are the kind of songs that real boys won’t get caught singing. Well at least I know outside of Korea the world works like that. DSP should really rethink their strategy with Kara. At this rate, Kara may seize to exist. And I’m afraid for them that it maybe sooner than they think.



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