Asia’s top boyband seeks freedom and bigger paychecks

August 1, 2009

DBSK is all over the net lately but in a not so good news. Apparently, 3 of the 5 members have decided to sue Lee Soo Man and his company stating that the contracts that the group has signed is unjust and unfair. I’m actually not a fan of DBSK. It’s not that they’re no good. It’s just that I never had the chance to appreciate them. As I told you before, I got into Kpop just last year as the Wonder Girls comeback with their song ‘So Hot’. DBSK did released a song last year but at the time of their promotions, I was too busy in school.

Anyway, according to sources Micky, Junsu, and Jaejong will file or have filed a lawsuit to SM entertainment expressing their desire to terminate their 13 year contract. The group also questioned the amount that their getting amidst the work they have been doing. I would have done the same if I were them. I’ve read in K Bites that DBSK as a group gets 20% of their earning while the remaining 80% goes to the company. Talk about ripoff. I know the company is the one who trains these boys and produce their songs, but I think getting 4% of your total earning is just unjust. I just wonder where the 80% goes. I honestly don’t think it is all being used for DBSK’s well-being.

With recent events, I think DBSK will leave SM Entertainment following Shinhwa and Fly to the Sky. The reason for the latter two groups’ departures is because of the discontent on the managing styles of the company. SM must be pushing them too far to the point that their screaming for help right now. If this is something that can be resolve internally, lawyers then wouldn’t be needed. I wonder if Super Junior or SNSD will do the same thing in the future. We’ll see.




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