Battle of the girl groups comes full circle

August 2, 2009

Six girl groups, SNSD, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute, Kara, and T-ara, performed at Inkigayo today. Are you feeling the competition? I was surprise to see so many women in one stage. I was told that some of these girls are friends? I wonder if the friendship is genuine. They might be faking it. Women are more prone to jealousy than men. Anyway, let’s look into their Inkigayo performance.

I’ll start with Kara’s comeback. I honestly like ‘Wanna’. Though the lyrics is kinda cutesy the beat isn’t. It sounds like one of those songs that the disco DJ will play. I honestly think their comeback was quite a success actually. I just wished they completely moved on from their cute image. I also noticed that they have improved on their synchronization and stage presence. So much better than their ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’ days.

T-ara’s going for the cute image apparently. I was quite disappointed that they didn’t sing live. They’re rookies. No one knows them yet. They should prove to the public that they have what it takes to be in the business. If they can’t even sing live then they shouldn’t have debut.

2NE1 and 4minute both performed a remix version of their singles. I seriously didn’t like both remix. ‘I Don’t Care’ sounded off. I don’t know how to explain it. There’s just something in the original version that made me want to hear more. But the remix was telling me to stop listening to the song.

The remix of 4minute’s ‘Hot Issue’ should be entitled, ‘Cold Issue’. I really hated the remix version. I heard some people liked it but as for me, I’m not really feeling it. I think it lost the catchiness of the original though it became more intense. I really prefer the original one.

SNSD performed once again their song ‘Genie’ with Sailor Moon like outfits. The song seems to be getting boring. As I said before, ‘Genie’ doesn’t have the catchiness of ‘Gee’. It’s one of those songs that you’ll stop playing after 5 times listening to it in loop. It just doesn’t have that lasting flavor.

Abracadabra is my favorite performance among the said girl groups. Well at least for this episode. I like the that they’re showing something else. I mean the song is really different. Or maybe because it’s just new. My favorite part is the beginning and the chorus.

It’s refreshing to hear something new from artists you’re familiar with. I’ve grown to love Kpop because of the Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, Son Dambi, Lee Hyori, and Rain. As I said before, I only got into Kpop last year during Wonder Girls’ ‘So Hot’ promotion. From the artists I mentioned, only Son Dambi and the Brown Eyed Girls who are active now. Last year was so better than this year. So many variety in music unlike now. I really miss them.



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