Singing live

August 2, 2009

A friend of mine forwarded to me this video of 2pm’s latest live performance. The first thing I noticed was the crowd. They were really loud and so much into it. It was either that the venue was crawling with ‘Hottest’ or that the mics were so near the fans. It’s very much a surprise to me considering it was an open venue. Listen to the chants. You can hear it clearly. I’m waiting to see fancams of this performance.

One reason why I like 2pm is that their really into performing. I don’t remember them lip-synching their songs unlike some groups. I honestly don’t get why some won’t sing live considering they are paid to sing. They call themselves singers for God’s sake.

I remember an incident with SHINee almost a year ago. The scenario was similar to 2pm’s performance above. The venue was also outdoor and it was raining. It was very easy to spot if the performance is live or not especially if it’s outdoor. In the performance, Jonghyun fell but he sounded like nothing happen.

This is also one of the reason why I’m not that much of a fan of SNSD. Honestly, I have not heard them sing live outdoors aside for the 2008 Dream Concert . Like the halftime performance in the Manchester football game. It was obvious that it was lip-synching. I’m sorry to soshi fans. I know I’m being very hard with SNSD with this blog but I’m just telling it as it is.

At the height of the rivalry between WonderFuls and SONE, WonderFuls states that Wonder Girls is more of a performance group while SNSD is known more for their singing ability. According to these fanclubs Wonder Girls’ advantage against SNSD is their better in dancing in sync while SNSD is better in singing. If they’re really better in singing then they should flaunt that advantage. The Wonder Girls sings more live than SNSD does. If the Wonder Girls can sing live on a baseball game, why can’t SNSD sing live on a soccer game? The venue is pretty much the same. They can’t say that their tired as an excuse. The above performances by the girl groups were at the peak of their songs’ popularity.




  1. okay now just let 2pm sing a shinee song….they actually have to sing while dancing!
    the person who sings in 2pm always just stands there and sing ..not moving around a lot…but in shinee’s case ..it is actually that they have to sing while dancing!

    • are you crazy? u__u
      2PM do acrobatics and also dance maybe for you moving like them is standing but if it’s the case you sure are retard >>
      note that I didn’t critizised shinee 🙂

      • @nanaa, I’m very thankful that you drop by my blog. I appreciate that you made time to express your views, but could you please not use such harsh words or attack anybody personally. I created this blog so I can share my thoughts and to have a venue for people to express their ideas. I don’t want this site to be like one of those blogs that people go to just to have a fight. You can’t make anybody believe what you believe forcefully but you can enlighten them.

    • Actually, I agree with that. Whoever sings in 2pm has limited movements. But what’s wrong with that? The members of SHINee are very talented indeed. No one can deny that, but why do they have to sacrifice the quality of their performance by lipsynching? I don’t know. Maybe we have different taste. They’re performers. They’re expected to sing and dance. I mean would you pay for a mediocre performance?

  2. Now that you mention it, SNSD does lipsynch a lot of times. Considering the number they have, it shouldn’t be hard to sing live.

  3. i cant stand snsd lip-sync
    when they lip-sync, SONE will make alot of excuse just to cover them
    i rmb one time SNSD lip-sync in hospital.
    WG can sing live in hospital why not snsd ?

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