More Wonder Girls’ auditions released

August 7, 2009

The Wonder Girls did a CF for a mobile phone a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen the CF, just search it in youtube or visit everaudition.co.kr for the vids. Anyway, I saw the recent uploaded vids about the CF. It’s a footage of the girls rehearsing for their dance audition and then jump to the video of their real dance audition.

The reason why I’m posting this is because of Min Sunye actually. I like Sunmi the most of all the Wonder Girls because of her weird antics but you can’t really deny how stunning and goddess-like Sunye is in the CF. My friends were even surprise when they saw her. We never imagined her to be as gorgeous as like that.

Check out the videos of the Wonder Girls dance audition below. My favorite is Sunye. I mean as an artist. Whether it be in a performance or just a practice, she really gives it her all. She’s always been like that. Even in their ‘MTV Wonder Girls’ days. The girl can really dance.

Min Sunye

Park Ye Eun

Sun Mi

Ahn So Hee

Kim Yoobin



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