SNSD apparently can sing live

August 8, 2009

If you’re following my post, you know that I’m not that much of a fan of people who lip-synchs. And most of the time I’ve been scrutinizing SNSD by this. I just really don’t see the point of not singing live. I mean for a group that stands proud of their singing ability, why give fans a mediocre performance? First of all, anybody can tell if it’s live or not. Who are they fooling?

Soshi fans go in the defense by commenting in blogs and youtube channels that the girls are tired with all the schedule they have but is it reason enough to show a somewhat high school talent show performance and be contented by it?

What I love about the korean music scene is that artists have to endure a long period of training days before they debut as professional entertainers. This sorts the trainees to those who can survive the business to those who can’t. I’m very sure that one criteria of the project is getting their trainees into shape. So was it a mistake to debut some of SNSD’s members?

Yesterday SNSD performed live in a venue much similar to S.F Pro League Final but this time they’re singing it live. It wasn’t as clean as I would hope but I prefer this than any of their lip synched performances. It just shows that they do take their craft seriously. How can you be better singers if you don’t have much experience singing live?

S.F Pro League Final

Incheon Global City Festival

They’re not really that bad live. I mean it’s good considering it’s outdoor. They should really continue singing live. They will definitely get more respect from people like me who are such critics. Going to one of their events is not that cheap. Wouldn’t it be nice if they give the audience what they paid for? Saying that you’re tired is not an excuse. It’s never an excuse. If an artist can’t perform what they’re getting paid, then they shouldn’t accept the gig. It’s just plain wrong.

Over-working is actually old news in the korean music industry. The likes of Lee Hyori and Big Bang’s TOP are a few who belongs to a long list of singers who fell victim to unjust mishandling of their schedule. But though the situation is difficult, they still gave their fans their just deserve enjoyment.

Here are some videos of artists who still gave their all though the situation won’t allow them to perform 100%. Don’t think I’m being bias by stating only these three. Since I’m a fan of them, it was easy for me to find these vids. I remember Super Junior and Kara has a similiar situation but since I’m not that into them, I really don’t know where to look.

2pm (Khun is missing)

Wonder Girls (Ye Eun and Sunmi were sick)

2am (sound problem)



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