Joe Jonas shows love to the Wonder Girls

August 12, 2009

In the three Jonas brother, Joe is the one who most publicly shows his fandom to the Wonder Girls. He’s not really that shy in showing his support to the girls. Fans did see him dancing to ‘Nobody’ in one of their concert and he was also seen wearing a WG shirt. To some it might be nothing, but it’s a big deal to the Wonder Girls. The Jonas Brothers are the hottest boy group in the US now. Well, at least with the teens. And with their popularity attach to the Wonder Girls, the public will take notice to them. And that’s what new artist should do, make the public have interest in you.

In related news, today, Aug 12 is Min Sunye’s birthday. I hope she’s happy though she’s not in Korea. She had experienced the most to get to where they are now. Aja Sunye, Fighting!

Just want to share this vid by a Sunye fan. His resemblance to Big Bang’s Taeyang is really uncanny. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, he was the winner of a competition by the Wonder Girls. I forgot what it was but his price was a gift from Min Sunye herself.




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