Brown Eyed Girls’ Sound G

August 14, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls recently released their ‘Sound G’ album. The album is good. I mean it’s ok. It’s a mix of dance music and ballads. I’m not that much of a fan of the entire album but I do like some songs. I highly recommend ‘Glam Girl’, ‘Abracadabra’, and ‘Candy Man’. They’re very fun to listen to.

01. Glam Girl
02. Abracadabra
03. 중독
04. Candy Man
05. Moody Night
06. 이상한 일
07. 못 가
08. 여자가 있어도
09. 잘할게요
10. Abracadabra [Instrumental]
11. Candy Man [Instrumental]
12. 잘할게요 [Instrumental]

01. DJ Cloud Translates L.O.V.E – (Cloud Remix)
02. Haihm Translates SECOND – (Haihm Rebuild)
03. East4a Translates YOU – (East4a Soulsome Mix)
04. Hitchhiker Translates 어쩌다 – (Hitchhiker(Jinu) Dynamic Mix)
05. Saintbinary Translates HOLD THE LINE – (Saintbinary Sweet Purple Remix)
06. Junjaman Translates MY STYLE – (Junjaman Wet Dream Remix)
07. Fraktal Translates OASIS – (Fraktal Desert Is Land Mix)

The album is not that bad actually but it seems to lack direction. I didn’t quite get what the album was entirely about. Maybe their is such a thing as too much variation. The songs can stand out on their own but together, their a mess. I just can’t piece them together. Or maybe it’s just me.

I feel that the album was just about ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Candyman’ and the rest were just added to make a full-length album. I’m not saying the songs are bad. The album just lacked a concept but it’s still good though.



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