[Chart] M Countdown 2009/08/13

August 14, 2009

2NE1 won again in M Countdown. This is their 3rd win giving them a Triple Crown. A new winner will surely emerge next week. 2NE1 is definitely the greatest rookie so far in korean music history. They have won so many times and it’s so surprising who they won against. I think 2NE1 has done enough to grab the newcomer award this year. It won’t even be a surprise if they win a daesung. If they do, they would be forever remembered even if they disband at the end of the year.

01 2NE1 – I Don`t Care
02 Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
03 MC Mong – Indian Boy
04 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
05 Kara – Wanna
06 FT Island – I Hope
07 Drunken Tiger – Monster (Korean Ver.)
08 SHINee – Juliette
09 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
10 Cool – See Again Again
11 4minute – Hot Issue
12 Roora – Going Going
13 IU – You Know
14 T-ara – Lies
15 One Two – Starry Night
16 WAX – Finally You
17 Clazziquai Project – Love Again
18 Norazo – Mackerel
19 MC the Max – So Sick
20 8eight – 울고 싶어 우는 사람이 있겠어 (Cry Mix)

Here’s the announcement of their win.





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