Wonder Girls are prepared for the worse

August 16, 2009

K Bites recently posted Park Ye Eun’s entry in her minihompy. Here’s an excerpt of her post as it was taken by sookyeong.wordpress.com.

Park Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls revealed her true thoughts about the group’s advance and promotions in America. She wrote a post on her minihompy on 6th August, “We are doing very well. We live through everyday feeling amazed and fun, and we have a lot of work too. Of course there are times when it gets tough, we are working hard as 5 members and with Park Jin Young PD and we are thankful to the really good staff.”

“We experienced much of the things we couldn’t experience in Korea. In the beginning when we first started there were a lot of chances for us to look back at the past 2 years. We realised that we have received much support and well wishes from many people.”

She added, “From here we do not know what results we will get out of this, but being able to gain such experience will make this more than ever a precious place in our memories. In that one performance we do in one day, we get to feeling the preciousness of it, and also to the fans who are calling our names in the crowd we feel touched and can’t even sleep, to the staff we are thankful, and lastly we are thankful and sorry to Wonderfuls who will not forget about us when we fall.”

She ended off with, “We would want to say that don’t worry about us if you are. Instead of feeling tired, we are living each day feeling more blessed. Not material wise but mental wise, we are learning things we cannot in Korea.”

I think it’s good that they’re not expecting to be big in America. If you expect that much, it would really hurt when you fall. I mean they’re great but their music isn’t something you’ll hear in America. That might be an advantage too. They’re giving America something they never seen before. But their success is still a long shot though. But kudos to them. They have done what BoA, se7en, and even JYP weren’t able to do; to make America have interest in korean music. Let’s just see how far they can go. Wonder Girls Fighting!



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