Wonder Girls and their American Dream

August 17, 2009

I was scared for the Wonder Girls when they announced their plans of penetrating the US. Americans are not really that open minded to diversity. The Wonder Girls’ music isn’t really something you’ll hear in America. It’s something different to them. Sometimes people tend to push away what they’re not familiar with. Though I’m skeptical with their success, I still try to give them my support.

I was really glad when they said that they’ll be opening for the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers fans are the best target for Wonder Girls’ songs. Unlike in Asia, you won’t actually see 30-40year old men and women dancing to their music.

It’s nice that the girls aren’t expecting that much, even European artists finds it difficult to make it in the US. Like Park Ye Eun said, what they’re going through right now are experiences that only few can have. I’m pretty sure whether they’re a success or not, fans will welcome them back with open arms. Korean fans are as loyal as it can get. But I think the Wonder Girls won’t need that much support. They seem to be doing quite well.

The Wonder Girls have gotten a lot of people hook with ‘Nobody’ apparently. It’s not a surprise ’cause it’s really a very catchy song and their synchronize dancing is quite entertaining as well. I was much delighted when they started appearing in magazines and talk shows. The girls have opened America to Korean music something BoA and se7en failed to do. Honestly, BoA and se7en are more talented than the Wonder Girls. It’s just that the Wonder Girls is offering something new.

The girls Jonas Brother stint is soon to end and we must prepare to give our utmost support to whatever they’ll do next. I actually have no idea what will happen once the Jonas Brothers’ concert is finish. It’s not like America has music shows like Music Core and Inkigayo that caters to everyone in the country.

Anyway, here are some sites and polls the girls part of. Please do vote for them. Them winning is actually an added publicity to them:
(1) http://www.musiqtone.com/
(2) http://pollpigeon.com/whos-the-best-girl-band/r/2211/


(1) http://www.highstreet5.com.sg/WonderGirls/
(2) http://www.iheartradio.com/new2/featured/f/2256




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