‘Tell Me’ hits me again

August 31, 2009

As you all know, the Wonder Girls has been opening for the Jonas Brothers since June. At the beginning of the tour, they performed both ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’ where the latter song is sang with some Korean. At the time, the ‘Omona’ was changed to ‘Oh My!’ After their Canada performances, the girls then stopped performing ‘Tell Me’ at the Jonas Brothers’ concert and concentrated more on ‘Nobody’. The airtime that was given to ‘Tell Me’ was replaced by a tutorial of ‘Nobody’.

A few weeks ago, the girls started to again perform ‘Tell Me’. From what I’ve read, Jordin Sparks was sick so the girls was asked to fill in her shoes. Their ‘Tell Me’ performance was a lot better than what they did in Canada. I’m starting to love the english version actually and I believe some of the fans do as well. I tried to find the lyrics but failed. I think I have to wait for their album to get a hold of the lyrics. Anyway, here’s the clip of their ‘Tell Me’ performances. Enjoy!

I have to say, Sunmi is really the most consistent among them. Sunmi jjang!



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