Idol Group’s debut

September 5, 2009

I was watching G Dragon’s performance in Music Bank last night and I thought how far he has gotten. I mean look-wise. So different from the G-Dragon I saw in their documentary. And the I wonder about the other groups as well. So I’ve decided to compile their debut stage in one article.


According to wikipedia, they sang their debut song ‘Hug’ and did an acapella of ‘Holy Night’. I posted their ‘Holy Night’ performance because I really prefer them singing ballads. These guys can really really sing. A few months ago, I forced myself to listen to them because of an article I’ll be posting in my 100days of this blog and I didn’t regret it. They’re so good. Well, vocally they are spectacular.

Super Junior

Obviously lipsynched. Nice dancing but why lip synched? Kinda weird because this is their debut. They’re debuting as singers not as dancers right?

Big Bang

What a debut! It sorta remind me of 2NE1;s debut. The similarities are uncanny. GD and Taeyang are obviously the best dancers in the group, GD and TOP the rappers and Taeyang and Daesung are very consistent in the group. Makes me wonder about Seung-ri. No offense to VIP, but what does Seung-ri actually gives to the group? His singing isn’t half bad but it’s nothing special.

Wonder Girls

Sunye looks chubbier in this video. Actually, all of them aside for Ye Eun looks so much like a kid. This is really the song that showcased all of the members’ singing. A lot has criticized Sohee for her singing ability but I think the songs that the group has released after ‘Irony’ are not in Sohee’s range. She sounded so great here. Maybe if they start singing this kind of songs people would stop criticizing their vocal abilities.


I was actually surprised that this was their debut. I was told that you should always make a good first impression. I don’t think lipsynching is giving them any good. It’s their debut. They should have shown their vocals instead of their legs. I’m sorry SONE but let’s face it. They were selling sex. I actually feel bad about them. There’s no growth as artist in being part of a group like this. SNSD would definitely won’t last long. I give it a year or two before they’ll be disbanded. They will grow old and new and fresher girls will be debuted and where will they be? At least Super Junior has sub groups.


These kids are really very talented. I love how synchronized their dancing are. Kinda reminds me of the Wonder Girls though they have different style of music. I just wish they’ll keep singing live so their vocals can improve. They are in the same company as SNSD who lipsynchs more than they sing.


The performance was alright but you can really hear them getting out of breathe, especially Wooyoung. Junho and Jaebeum were the only ones who actually sounded good here.


Very explosive. It’s good actually. And they got the entire nation hyped with their debut. The only thing that I didn’t like about the performance was the MR. At first I thought Dara was lipsynching her part but she wasn’t, the MR was just too loud. They did changed it in their later performance.


This is not actually a good way in debuting. A lot of viewers really trashed them after their M Countdown debut. It was that bad. I was even shocked that they were even allowed to debut. But it seems like it’s because of M Countdown’s equipment. They sounded 180 degrees better in Music Bank.

All in all, the debut performance was alright. My personal favorite is 2NE1. I remembered I was excitedly waiting for May 17. I absolutely adored ‘Fire’ and especially CL. For me she’s the most talented female korean singer. Everytime she’s on stage, you just can’t help but look at her.

My least favorite, actually the one I hate is SNSD’s and Super Junior’s debut. I’m sorry to their fans but why do they have to lip-synched? If their tired, there’s a lot of members to choose from to sing their part. It seems like their debuting as dancers instead of singers. I mean we know there are members of the groups that can really sing. Why not showcase that. For me, it’s really a bad first impression. It’s not surprising that the Wonder Girls always beat them. It’s weird actually, SHINee is from the same company and they have lesser members but they sang live.




  1. I agree w/ you but not completely regards w/ 2ne1…
    the intro was ” the bomb” but the performance wasn’t all
    that great. the dancing is somewhat awkward. this is where
    the back-up dancers is needed. the stage feels empty.
    ok i can let it pass if not for minzy popping

  2. Seriously, you don’t like Super Junior because they lip-synch, did you even research what happened to them. Well, half the group was involved in a car accident right after their debut and couldn’t even sing because their vocal cord was damaged. Actually, they were involved in quite a few car accidents.

    • Dude, chill. It’s not a hate article. So chill.

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