The Park Jaebeom Controversy

September 6, 2009

I just really have to post this. Everyone must have heard about 2pm’s Park Jaebeom’s mistake by now and the reactions of netizens towards the incident. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, here’s the 411. Park Jaebeom commented on his myspace 4 years ago that ‘Korea is gay’ and that he wants to go back to the US. Netizens reacted negatively in his statement stating that Jaebeom showed lack of Korean pride or something like that.

Seoulbeats has reported that there’s a petition banning or requesting that Jaebeom will leave the group and go back to the states. This is really something blown out of proportion. Honestly, I don’t think the said petition will succeed. I think netizens and fans, male and female alike won’t go down this low. I think those detractors are fans of other artists who are jealous of how far the boys have come. You have to admit, barely a year into their debut, they were able to come out with two hit singles.

Here’s my reaction to the incident. First of all, come on, that was 4 years ago. Secondly, was he the only one who made a mistake? It would be a big deal, if he said it now but he wrote that 4 years ago. The time when he was just a trainee. The time when he just moved to Korea. The time when he barely speaked any Hangul. How can anybody still hold him responsible with something he did in his younger years. Lastly, it was a private conversation. Doesn’t everybody have that remorse on their life?

I think what Suju’s Leeteuk did to Kim Yuna was even worse than this. To those of you who don’t know, Leeteuk spread around that Kim Yuna rejected his cyworld friend request. This generate a lot of hate from fans to the figure skater. Kim Yuna denied the allegation but fans kept attacking her. Leeteuk then made a public apology and stated that he made that thing up to spice up the show he was in.

As to date, Park Jaebeom already made an apology to fans and Koreans alike. But still the negativity goes on. What do they want the guy to do? The guy apologized. The guy new what he did what was and regrets it. I’m sorry, maybe this a Korean thing but I really don’t understand why people would genuinely react like this. Unless, this is a plot by detractors of 2pm. This is a great opportunity to pull them down. But I still think that they won’t succeed. Park Jaebeom is just too likable and has already an established fanbase.

Also, I feel more support than attacks. Actually I don’t see any attacks. If you go to youtube, you’ll see only vids of encouragement. Maybe the negativity are just in Korea. To those in Korea, is it really that big? I mean is he being booed like what happened to SNSD? Like in seoulbeats, I only read one or two netizen who wrote badly about him, the rest wrote encouraging messages.

I think this is a SM Entertainment plot. Sorry, that’s just what I feel. Here’s a recent fancam of their performance. There’s not really anything bad about the fans. I think all the negativity are only online and done by jealouse fans of other groups.



  1. i was reading your post and i agreed with you till the SM entertainment thing!
    i ain’t a fan, but i don’t understand why u said that?

    • Sorry, that was just some baseless accusations. SM is in a predicament right now and Jaebeom’s situation can divert the attention from them to him. I just thought if I were them, I’ll feed the fire more.

      • What you “will feed the fire more” !!!!
        ARE YOU CRAZY !!!? The fault is human,no ?!!
        And i remind it to you : HE APOLOGIZED !
        And he can have a private life especially when he crossed a difficult period, he was young…

  2. Heard he is quitting 2PM for good ;C

  3. anti-fans are you satisfied now ?!!!!!! pffff

  4. I’m really pissed. Netizens are just too much.

  5. HOTTEST please show your support!!!!

  6. Oppa jay
    please comeback ..
    We miss you so much ..
    we want you back and give us a smile ..
    2PM, ONEDAY, HOTTEST are FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Omg why people get soo angry about things of the past …. just people that has nothing to do bring up something that has 4 years old. Its unfair what they had done. Im a latin girl who adore this group and i think they are cool. I luv Ok Taecyeon anyways they should give him a chance people make mistakes ( We are human so we need to forgive )
    Anyways hope to see Jaebom soon. U guys def rule ; )

  8. i do love jay…and its a shock that he left because of that small thing…i am not an anti to anybody…but i think u shouldn’t have to bring up names here….
    do u have to say this is SM conspiracy??u bad-mouth SM and other group (Super Junior)….that not nice tho…most people love more than 1 group….
    im not blaming u here, i just said, u shouldn’t mention any name because u can cause confusion and hatred…thanks for the information and sorry if this hurt u…peace

  9. Man I thought he like did a sex tape or racy photos or something actually BAD like a DUI or something. He made a statement as an American in KOREA and gave his opinion about something privately on HIS myspace.Man if it was 4 years ago who the hell took the time to find it and dig it up. Man what is up with that, Korea wants people to come visit tour and so forth and so on, yet in Korea they treat foreigners like crap, then they want to be pure but let shows like G Dragon the IVY performance as well as other sexually explicit things be aired on NATIONAL television.Then the racist comments made on television, but oh no don’t let them get bashed because they want sympathy in a hateful world. You know what folks all countries have shown some type of hypocriticalness but Korea is starting to be a little bipolar schitzofrenic wouldn’t you think. Before you bash me think about it. You want foreigners to come see the beauty of your country but when they get there you treat them with disdane , Your kpop idols that want to break into the american market makes racist comments about americans, you want the world to think you are a pure nation , but have folks play goosing on national tv. So forth and so on. Don’t get me wrong I love my kimchi bulgogi and hanbok but this is getting ridiculous

    • You have a vadit piont there, the most honest one too. And how you said “it was 4 years ago who the hell took the time to find it and dig it up” is like wow really someone when into his comments all the way 4 years back – thats STUPID – I really just now looking stuff up and way wondering why he left – had to find out for myself – i was seriously expecting a sex tape or something like you said – if he is FROM American and stuff means its was NEW to him – people are ridiculous – I’m Ukrianian – and if i went back for more then just a visit or family – i’d HATE it i was rasied in US so I am really use to how it live here – i bet he was too – These Fans or anti fans whatever are so narrow minded

  10. That’s the thing… Korean media is reporting that JaeBeom and SunMi DID make a sex tape together and JYPE kicked them out of their respective groups before the tapes were leaked.

    • okay i agreee on this fact! i heard from a good source through a friend who met (g.o.d) said jae and sunmi did something that cant be seen to the public together and jype said that jae confessed something to him that he cannot accept and terminated his contract i think the confession was he and sunmi did take naked pictures/sextape togetherr and they both taken out of their groups because i think the tape has been stolen so they had no choicee

  11. sad………………………………………….sad………………………………………….sad………………………………………….i love u jaebeom………………

  12. i dont really mind that cuz yeah living in america and not knowing what the fudge was happenin when he was training in korea… that must have sucked. i say offensive things to other stuff sometimes too and dont really think about the things im sayin… it’s just daily life shizzzz hahahahahahahahhahaha

    he’s just a foo too lol like all of us…. durrrrrr obviously.

    netizens are getting too worked up on this and that was a comment 4 years ago… so yeah he’s not a bad dude or anything. just a human being i guess so

    he’s awesome and we’re all awesome xD emphasizing on the awesomeness danngngg i wrote a lot. this is too long so

    … PEACE

  13. i think it’s so stupid that everyone is making such a big deal about what he said years ago. because of this little controversy, he had to ‘quit’ 2PM and i think the blame should go to JYP and those netizens who made such a huge complaint about it. i hate netizens like that.those that complain about it until he quit and later blame it on JYP only.

  14. Was wondering what Jaebeom did so bad that he would be kicked from 2pm. I hope to clear a bit up about the Korea. They tend to hold very high level of pride in their countries. All males are required by law to serve in the military once they hit the age of 18 years. For Jaebeom to say that “Korea sucks” would be extremely standerous again the nation… especially if he is employed there by the nation of Korea. Korea is extremely big on respect for elders and others and even more so on the county itself. I understand where they are coming from. I wouldn’t know whether or not I would agree with either side of this. I am more or less neutral (was raised by my Korean mother but in the US).

  15. sometime people saying something stupid,but we should not judge them by the only tiny little word they are saying, that is cruel….he should belong with the other six guy….

    • kinda agree with you. I just thought : did Netizen didn’t have anything to do than just bashing other people? I mean, come on, it’s not like they innocent or pure themselves.

  16. I still love you 2PM.Agree to all the hottest!

  17. jaebeom from aom or 2pm?????????

  18. I think I kind of get it. Like from the Netizens POV. Your pride is with your country, you know, and for someone to diss it like that. Imagine if I dis the United States, I’ll be kicked out and probable assassinated. But you know what I love America. You guys might say its just some little words but he could been more specific. .

  19. Honestly,I would understand why he said ‘Korea is gay’. I think Korea isn’t one of the best place because it is too strict and if you say one little thing you will get ruined. And Korea is a communist country,so I think that’ll be one hard thing to deal with.

  20. It’s not fair . Everyone make a mistakes . Plus , he was apologized . But things had happened , as fans of 2PM and Jaebeom , we can’t do anything :/

    • I agree w/ u if only other people understand>_<

  21. I miss him sooooooo much wish he is ack everyone makes mistake beside that happened when he was young but fans or anti-fans got to understand bringing someone image down doesn’t make your life better~_~ I miss you park jaebeom I wish everyone can forgive each other like what happened to Block B they made a mistake for the thais flood but they apologize and bow to a 90 degrees angle even though I’m not their fan but I feel that fans should not be threatening them (block b) so much ugh if only people in this world understand……. Anyways I still love you jaebeom I hope 2pm fans miss him as much as I do saranghae ^_^

  22. that’s the best decision ever, for jay park quits from 2PM. he will develop him self better in his solo career. and for what u said about leeteuk, i guess u got a wrong perception of it. leeteuk’s simple mistake couldn’t be that worse. he also already apologized his mistakes. so, please do not look up for another mistake to cover up someone’s problem. thank you. 🙂

  23. Excuse me? SM? What has SM done in this accusation? I love Jay but SM? SM is waaaaaaayyyyyy out of the issue

  24. 2pm is going down..
    I can’t let that happen!! Arghhhh
    They r too good !!
    JYP .. Help them ! Jeabal!!
    They worked so hard to be on top of the world.. This can’t be happening!

  25. i love jay park..yes he wrote that but the cetizen or specificly an idol really show their affection between friends…the 1st time i know kpop, i’m so shock..they really CLOSE with each other..it was different in other country..so,the korean can’t blame him for that matter..it just his though.. anyway,,jay park n 2pm fighting.. 😀

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