Jaebeom says goodbye

September 8, 2009

2pm’s Park Jaebeom decided to leave the group after all the negativity the arose from his myspace comments from four years ago. He left a message in his fan cafe and was to leave this afternoon. The future of 2pm is unsure at the moment and I really don’t know if they can still be 2pm. The groups is made of 7 people and I don’t know if they can make it work with now only six. It’s just gonna be weird without Jaebeom.

There was an online petition, yesterday I think, for Jaebeom’s removal from the group. JYP however, dismisses the thought of removing Jaebeom just because of this silly controversy. However, a few hours later, Jaebeom posted his farewell message online to his and 2pm’s fans. All the negative comments must have gotten to him.

I’m really pissed and sad and angry right now. I feel this is really too much. Come on, 4 years, 4 years ago. Are they going to dig up everything on a guys’ past just to put him down? We all have skeletons in our closet. We all have something to hide. We all have done something we shouldn’t have. But that doesn’t mean that we should tear that person because of what he had done. He didn’t even mean what he said.

I’m a huge 2pm fan not just because of their music but also of what they offer. I’m so sick and tired of guys doing fan service with another guy. 2pm has given idol a new definition. They are pure entertainment. These guys have worked hard and deserve where they are now.

What’s really sad is that it seems Jaebeom is going to turn his back on his dream to be a singer just because of some netizens who feed on people’s misery. The guy is really talented singing-wise and dancing-wise, and it’s just too bad that he had to stop. I hope he returns. Someday, somehow.

I think netizens are rejoicing right now. They won against Jaebeom. They forced him out of Korea. Seriously, why are there are people like that. So pathetic. I still can’t get over the fact that all of this started with ‘Korea is gay’ and ‘I want to go back to America’. I just hope they grow.

2pm’s supposed to perform on this year’s Dream Concert. I hope Jaebeom will perform. At least for the last time. I’m gonna put Jaebeom as my header to show my support and I encourage other bloggers to do so as well. I just really think the situation is just unfair and too much.



  1. this is so sad. I love Jaebum 😦

  2. Ahh. the more i think about it the more annoyed i am. The phrase “xxx is gay..” is used so loosely in the states.(not saying it’s correct but still). Koreans, get over it!

  3. ok, seriously?!?!?! this is so stupid! he was homesick so it’s understandable about what he said. we know he didn’t mean it, otherwise he would have left on his own a LONG time ago. I feel incredibly terrible for Jaebeom and I sincerely hope he comes back. I hope he realizes that giving up his dream just because of people who don’t know how to let things go is an extremely bad idea. He is so very talented!!! If anything, I hope he goes back to 2PM. They will never be the same without him, no matter how hard they try.

    as for those who were against him, get over yourselves. 4 years! 4 flippin years! Way to ruin the life of an extremely talented singer, dancer, and performer. I hope you realize what you’ve done.

    Here for you, Jay!

  4. well i’m not really their fan no offense but i like big bang better that’s just my opinion i do not intent to hurt anyone’s feelings anyways back to the topic…apparently this guy have been “white washed”…probably it’s just careless mistake…i mean why the hell would he say that…

  5. come on guys let’s all be mature with this…no one is perfect everybody makes mistakes…its just in this case jaebeom is famous so the “rivals” dig up the old stuff and brag about it which is so low…and besides this guy is doing a great job…

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